Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween

Tallulah girls love Halloween; why miss a chance to get dressed up! 

Our shop window is particularly festive and fitting with the dark themed weekend ahead. Lingerie in deep greens, royal purples' and luxurious black look beautiful all draped next to one another.. 

I hope our Halloween mood board can help you out in your last minute search for that fabulous Halloween theme you've been racking your brains over. All things deep colours, make up and masks work every time! 
Here are a few pieces from our display that would look divine as an extension of your festive spirit underneath that brilliant costume. It'll leave you feeling fantastic when your ready to slip out of your outwear layers.

From Left to Right: Benmark - Dominique Smooth Basque in Black, Stella McCartney - Giselle Charming Unpadded Bra and Playful Promises Knickers in Black and Purple 

Benmark Full Body Lace Basque in Black 

From Left to Right: Emmy London Shoes in Black, Paul Seville Leather Handcuffs and Waspie 

From Left to Right: Andres Sarda Unpadded Bra, Soft Bra and Thong, Shell Belle Couture Divine Gown in Black, Jayley Kimono Jacket in Black and Marjolaine Silk Slip and Robe in Olive Green 
Stella McCartney Giselle Charming Padded Bra and Knickers 
Stella McCartney Scarlett Weaving Body 
Rotten Roach T-Shirt (Not Stocked at Tallulah Lingerie) 

Tallulah Lingerie wishes you a ghoulish and safe weekend. Sleep tight, I bite! 

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A Flash of Winning Colour

The unveiling of Tallulah Lingerie's fabulous raffle prizes is still going forwards; teasing you is so much fun but I assure you I dream about these pieces just as much as you probably are. 
I've blogged about the next prize I'm going to share previously and I can't believe the generosity of this designer to send us this as a gift to share with you! 
It's our favourite french, luxury silk designer; Marjolaine.. 
Ooo's and ahh's all done? 

Marjolaine Slip in Fuchsia Pink and Orange  
Tallulah loves being a stockist for Marjolaine. We often stick with a bridal palette or, for example, darker tones with the colder seasons are around the corner. Nicola and I loved these colours when admiring the look book, so were delighted when these beautiful brights turned up as a raffle gift.. the hot pink and blood orange is here and it's a one-of-a-kind on Tallulah's rails. 

This luxurious lace that trims the highest quality silk can only be made by four women in the entire world. Without taking how gorgeous these slips are into the equation, the technical skill gone into producing this piece alone is pretty spectacular. 
Retailing at £247, this really is the definition of prize! 

Now that I've got you all flustered at the thought of the divine Marjolaine I'm going to raise the heat by telling you that the raffle tickets are now on sale! 
Tallulah will be selling them at £5 each or you can buy 5 for £20 - we're excepting cash only as all the money raised will be sent to Eaves Charity who have made it their mission to expose and address violence against women and girls in the UK. Come on over to What Tallulah Did tomorrow for more information about this wonderful charity! 

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Did Someone Say Prizes?

I'm sure you've caught wind that Tallulah Lingerie will be celebrating it's 11th birthday on Cross Street on the 11th of November. 
I've started releasing tempting images of our raffle prizes that will be up for grabs on the evening. We've been so lucky, not only to have been supported by our friends and clients but by the designers and brands whom we stock. 
To have an eleven year long relationship with anyone is hard going but we're pleased to say that the passion we had at the beginning with these brands and designers is still going strong! 

So here some more fabulous gifts featuring in our raffle.. 

Gift Cards 
There are two gift vouchers for the taking from two of our biggest french designers; Chantelle and Simone Perele. What's most exciting is that you can choose ANY set that you like, it's basically a self tailored present with no expense on your behalf! 
A set from either of these designers would usually retail at around £110-150.. I'll just let that dazzling thought sink in there. 

With so much beautiful Chantilly lace to choose from I wouldn't know where to start and the thought of winning one of the Simone Perele sets where each metre of lace takes hours to make and construct makes my head spin. 

More tomorrow... Happy Sunday! 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Serving Up Some Excitement.

We blinked and October is coming to a close, but with the new month on it's way around, yes, we're excited about Halloween and Bonfire Night but what's really making us giddy is the 11th of November. Why, you ask? Because it's Tallulah Lingerie's 11th birthday that's why!! 

To mark the occasion we're holding a special event for our nearest and dearest friends and clients to say a big thank you for all the support over the past eleven years. 

As part of this event we're holding a raffle.. Not the kind you that everyone adores at school fetes with the top prize being a bottle of 5 year old Blossom Hill and a bag of pasta; check the sarcasm on that. 
We've kindly received gifts from almost all of our beloved brands and designers for you to win, I can tell you now that they're all rather amazing! 

I know your itching for the inside scoop but I'm only going to release a few at a time as little teasers.. Number one rule of lingerie, never give it all away at once girls. 

Eberjey Teddy and Red Lace Slip 
The first to be released are these two gorgeous pieces.. 
The blue floral with ivory lace teddy, which is made from the softest cotton that Eberjey are renowned for. And this sheer red lace slip which is super flattering and sexy at the same time. 
Both pieces would usually retail at around £80-100.. These are pieces any woman would be thrilled to receive as a gift or would buy as a special treat for herself, not bad for a raffle prize now is it?! 

I'll be releasing more goodies to tempt your lingerie flare over the weekend and the coming weeks.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


I stumbled across this hashtag launch in the wee hours of this morning and I knew it was something I wanted to support, so here's a post dedicated to it. 

#ShareTheHonestLove was launched by @MrsCaudery of @FetchamPark, this clever lady designed this new social media hashtag as a reminder to couples and everyone working in the wedding industry to remember what's important in hindsight of the carnival that is somethings wedding planing. The most important bit is the love shared and celebrated with our nearest and dearest on that day. 

Image captured by +Eddie Judd at +Fetcham Park last year 

"I regularly warn couples against obsessing too much over the 'pretty' and this wedding - and this incredible photo - is the perfect example of what a wedding day is really all about. I wish brides and grooms to be could see more honest and real photos like this on blogs and in magazines; it would remind them of what's important. Whilst I think our Instagram and Facebook pages are filled with the prettiest of weddings, I'm going to make sure I share a lot more photos like this too. I love the wedding industry but I think sometimes the message gets a little lost. Let's all remember and celebrate what a wedding day is really about: let's #sharethehonestlove." 

@MrsCaudery sums up my feelings exactly. I love the extravagant brides wearing Vivienne Westwood Couture to their three day wedding on a far away party island, and I feel privileged to meet and work with these women, they take you to new realms of dreamlike possibilities.. but the brides I connect with and remember most fondly, are the brides who rush into the fitting room as they just realised their wedding day is on the weekend, they only decided to get married a month ago, it's 5pm, they need to sort out a wedding outfit AND get to Waitrose before it closes.

Yes that really happened; the client in question was probably my favourite! She got married locally in Islington and wore navy flared trousers, an ivory silk camisole by Julianne with a delicate butterfly bolero by Steph Aman draped around her shoulders. Yes - two thirds of her outfit was bought at Tallulah Lingerie two days before the wedding AND she got to Waitrose in time. She was calm and her only specifications for her entire outfit was to make sure that she didn't look like she was going to the office; I told her there was nothing office like in the boudoir so we should get through this just fine. 

Her attitude towards the whole affair solidified for me what I would prioritise if I was to get married; two people tying the knot, telling each other that they're both willing to look after each other - officially - for the rest of their lives together. 
Now I have a reason, thanks to this fabulous new social media hashtag to promote this.
By all means, lets continue to do what we do, beautiful things are just that, beautiful.. I would still love a flower meadow hanging vertically from the ceiling of my wedding venue (reference to yesterdays post) however, if I end up in a random place wearing a pair of jeans I don't think I'd mind because it's 'us' that's important. 
Let's all up our efforts in the wedding industry to ensure we equally flood our social media with the gorgeous heartfelt images like the one featured above. 


Fashion Florals.

I'm always looking out for the latest and greatest ideas across all things luxury; perfumes, fashion, jewellery and all things bridal! 

Tallulah Lingerie always has a sprinkling of fresh flowers in the boutique; where ever we go we always Instagram and Tweet pictures of other people's blooms.. Who doesn't love a beautiful flower display? 

Artist Rebecca Louise Law, uses all types of flowers to create large scale exhibitions and sit specific pieces taking displaying fresh flowers to a whole new and extravagant level. She's brought the luxury of fresh flowers and creativity to enhance indoor architecture at dinners, galleries, museums and events and also to some of our favourite fashion designers campaigns. 

The Flower Garden Display'd 2014

This installation was commissioned by the the London Garden Museum (yes.. there is one of those). It includes 4,600 blooms to make up this floating meadow.

I love the reds, oranges and purples featured in the beautiful floating meadow, although I'm missing the floral brights from London summertime I'm becoming a huge fan of the autumnal colours popping up around the city and this installation reminds me of that. 

Dahlia 2003
Prometheus 2012

Valentines 2012 (Tom Hartford Copyright)

Dahlia 2003 is one of Rebecca's earlier floral art works which I found when looking through her installation archive on her website, these are the summer brights I'm missing! The pink hues mixed with the shadowing of this image is gorgeous.. 
Lillies and Roses are always in fierce competition when I'm asked when my favourite flower is so I'm obsessed with this installations from the offset. 
How perfect would this be as a feature at a wedding, it would be a backdrop for stunning images that no one would be able to forget! Beautiful flowers are such a luxurious focal point. 

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2013

Personally, I would want walk through a venue filled with vertically hanging peonies, roses, ranunculus, liatris, gloriosa lilies, delphiniums, lisianthus, sunflowers, celosia and cymbidium orchids for my wedding or engagement (hint, hint..) 
Rebecca's interactive installation of drying flowers for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2013 is basically what dreams are made of, and if the images aren't amazing enough just imagine the scent as you wade through!

For our Tallulah brides who are in the process of planning our Spring/Summer 2015 weddings, you thank me later for this fabulous idea! Take a look at more of Rebecca's amazing work on her website - Even if your not planning an event any time soon isn't it nice to be surrounded by beautiful things?! I think so...

Monday, 20 October 2014

Casual Luxe.

Tallulah Lingerie is known for it's luxury selection of treasures, covering all things underwear. I often blog about different silks and lace goodies finding a place in the boudoir but Tallulah also brings an element of luxury to loungewear. 
I find loungewear the most difficult area to get spot on in my wardrobe.. Finding something luxurious to wear in the boudoir is easy in comparison. The difficultly comes with the fact that loungewear is appropriate from many situations that are all very different; finding something that ticks all the boxes is obviously going to take some fitting room research! 

Loungewear for me is something I wear on a pyjama day at home when I'm not feeling particularly sexy, I just want to be comfortable.. On this particular day I may want to put my hair in a top knot, drape a coat over my shoulders and pop out to grab a coffee, so my loungewear has to be able to be seen in public. 

This brings me onto my next point which is long haul flights, I mean, there's endless "out and about" photographs of celebrities at airports in their skinny jeans and heels, getting off a flight from London to LAX, claiming to have worn that outfit the entire way! Im sorry, but that cannot be comfortable.. Loungewear is my go to for these occasions; these pieces have big shoes to fill. 

Black Jersey Drape Robe by Donna Karan 

A robe like this stretch jersey drape version would work wonderfully for all of the occasions I mentioned above. It's not so full length or alternatively so short that it looks like a dressing gown; pair it with your favourite camisole and shortie set for snuggling on the sofa or over any casual attire for popping out. 

The key with loungewear is that it has to be effortlessly chic. Garments made from jersey and cotton often become shapeless and 'baggy', everyone has those jogging bottoms for journeys back and forth to the gym, lurking in their draws they know they should get rid of! 
This jersey is of such high quality that for something that's deemed very casual feels highly luxurious to the wearer. 

The same can be said about the other robe which is more of a knitted texture that we have from Donna Karen's loungewear collection.. Both these robe's are not only great for the obvious use of warmth at the change of the season but for long haul flight situations too. When a piece can pass as a gorgeous, comfy jacket or robe it's a top pick of mine for loungewear!

Jersey Gown's from the Donna Karen Sleepwear collection 
The gown's that we have at Tallulah are equally as beautiful. Much like the robes they are made from fabulous materials and are structured to drape the body in the most flattering way. On the hanger, I'll be honest, they look very simplistic compared to the other wonders around it.. But once I saw it on a body they come to life, proof that the only time you should rule something out is once you've tried it on. Garments are made for bodies, not hangers!  

At first glance, not everyone understands what I mean when I say it's possible to make these pieces, especially the jersey gowns work in situations that doesn't involve a sofa.. the robe's are easier to invasion as outerwear. However.. 

This is how I would make these gorgeous gowns work.. let's keep with the same scenario as a flight.. 
On my way to the airport in the UK I would wear one of these jersey robes with a pair of leather chelsea boots, my favourite high neck wool jumper, a wide brimmed fedora hat and maybe a pair of Velvet De Luxe 66 Wolford tights - depending on how chilly it was! 

On arriving at my destination, I would pop all my winter warmers into my weekend hold all, swap my boots for some comfortable wedges or platforms and I would replace my top layers with a Jayley 20's style kimono jacket. 

Viola - Easy peasy! 
But between you and I, Donna Karen Lounge wear is not going to be making an appearance after this season as it's being discontinued; get down to Tallulah Lingerie to stock up on these beautiful pieces.. It's good to have friends in the know. 

Friday, 17 October 2014

Winter Pale.

You've probably gathered this already but I love new arrivals, beautiful attention to detail and surprises. The collection I'm going to share with you today ticked all three boxes above which really was a shock.. hence the ticking of the surprise box! 

I'm really enjoying the pale colour palette that has come with winter trends this year, I think it's chic, classic and refreshing from all the winter darks we usually reach for. This set comes in the most stunning colour that's actually rather difficult to explain.. it's in the realm of the pastel pinks, lilac and nude - it's a great alternative to a white or nude lingerie set..

Passion Unpadded Bra and Shorties by Maison Lejaby |

Bow Clasp Detail - Passion Padded Bra by Maison Lejaby |

Side Strap Detail - Passion Padded Bra by Maison Lejaby |

Centre Lace Detail - Passion Padded Bra by Maison Lejaby |
Maison Lejaby has never been a brand I've paid much attention to when window shopping for myself at Tallulah Lingerie, (when surrounded by so many pretty things how can you not?!) I have clients that Maison Lejaby fits perfectly but my shape is very different to theirs so I never saw it working and very wrongly dismissed it. 
I was sceptical when the delivery arrived, I wasn't too excited about it, then Nicola and I got it into the fitting room.. It was gorgeous to say the least - and - as the story goes, I fell in love and ordered it the same day.. Oops! 

The bra comes in two shapes, both photographed above. The unpadded and padded shapes both carry the most delicious bow details; the unpadded features one at the front and the padded on the clasp at the back. The bow coming across the strap at the back is my favourite as it's just a little bit different. 

Both styles also have unexpected sprinklings of delicate lace.. especially the padded style! It has a wisp as a centre detail in between the cups and two more where the shoulder straps attach. It looks so elegant and delicate, hence my ultra feminine side which never usually comes out to play couldn't resist. 

Passion Shorties by Maison Lejaby |

Passion Shorties by Maison Lejaby |

Passion Shorties by Maison Lejaby |

The bottoms are so lacy and luxurious I find myself swooning over them more than I should in the boudoir.. 

They come in three shapes; a shortie, a thong and a knicker. The shortie and the thong both continue the theme of the little bow detail on the back. Partnered with the way the lace is exquisitely laid they really are a 'must have'. 

I'm also obsessed with the polka dot lace that many brands and designers have been using recently. It's sheer and sexy whilst not being to same-y as all your other beautiful lace.. The contrast between the polka dot as something a little different and the more elegant lace that peeks out on the waistband of the shorties is luxurious and a spot on design feature by Maison Lejaby. 

I can't wait to get mine, I know your tempted to come to the boudoir to take it for a test drive!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Our Archive.

We've been building our archive of customer testimonials over the last year from our regular Tallulah ladies, you may have read a few already as we've started sharing them across Tallulah Lingerie's social media. This one was particularly long, but we love it so I thought why not incorporate it into What Tallulah Did.. 

This testimonial definitely best sums up in words the reason why visiting Tallulah Lingerie is an experience and part of a lifestyle rather than just a boutique. 
We know Tallulah is special but you really have to visit to understand it fully, but don't take my word for it; I'm bias..

Have a read... 

  1. I’ve been going exclusively to Tallulah on Cross Street for seven years now. The shop is gorgeous, not to mention its collections. Bras, knickers, a handmade corset, silk nightgowns and dressing gowns, pyjamas, vests, swimsuits and bikinis, shower caps, silk eye masks, tights and stockings, hold-ups… I always go to Tallulah’s for all these things. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else! I’m on friendly terms with the staff – Kim and Debby were inspired hiring choices – and the owner Nicola (who always fits my bras for me) and they’re all warm, caring, and full of expertise and experience. I get a 10% loyalty discount, but I’d go there regardless. Plus, they’ve given me several very sweet gifts over the years – a free eye mask or shower cap, a bra once… I just think it’s an amazing shop and a lovely place to be. You are guaranteed to walk out feeling sexy, in whatever way that translates for you. Nicola always texts when she has stock in she thinks I’ll like (she knows my taste very well by now) and advises my husband come birthdays and Christmas! Nicola fitted my bras throughout pregnancy and breast feeding (including sleeping bras which became needed!). Nicola advised / warned me about the changes I could expect with pregnancy and post having a baby. And throughout my severe post-natal depression, Nicola, Debby and Kim were genuinely caring and supportive. They always ask how I’m doing and we always end up chatting. I can’t say enough about how special I think this little treasure of a shop is, with its extensive and ever-changing stock to suit all sizes and tastes. I would also mention that on two occasions I’ve gone against Nicola’s advice and bought a bra she advised didn’t fit me quite right and would be uncomfortable, just because of how pretty they were, and both times I’ve regretted it. I don’t go against her advice any more! 

Thanks so much Libby! xx

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Take me to Emerald city.

You may remember quite a few weeks back I introduced you to Andres Sarda, the fabulous lingerie designer from Barcelona.. Tallulah Lingerie's new crush! 

Well the on going love affair just kept blossoming with the Purple and Black Polka Dot Set I sent out rave reviews for last time, and now a new set has arrived at the boudoir. Believe it or not, I might actually like this even MORE!

How is so much gorgeous-ness from one collection possible, everything about it is perfect and so luxurious! 
We have the bra in all three shapes, including a padded plunge, an unpadded half cup and a wire free soft cup. 
The padded plunge creates an amazing neckline beneath almost any layer draped over the top as well as being super sexy once that layer comes off. 

The unpadded half cup has underwire that comes up slightly higher than a plunge shape, this detail is not only beautiful but creates a fantastic half cup shape that's really supportive. The lace is sheer but not flimsy. Personally, I would usually steer clear of half cups when choosing lingerie to go beneath these types of clothes but this I would wear underneath a t-shirt or any material prone to clinging. 

I'm not a fan of wearing a soft cup during the day, nor am I a fan of suggesting other women do so, I don't think there's any reason for it; if your bra fits correctly then your bra wearing should be a lovely experience all day long, day after day. I don't understand this urge that women discuss endlessly, to rip your bra off at the end of the day because it's uncomfortable... Unless someone else is doing the tearing off, then that's absolutely fine!! 
Anyway.. the soft cup is a really luxurious option for women who like to wear a bra at night. Obviously when your rolling around under the covers a wire can be a little uncomfortable so a few beautiful wisps of green lace ticks the boxes for night time bra wearers. 

The knickers come in traditional styles; a knicker and a thong. The structure of both are fantastic, not a 'VPL' in sight. They too have the gorgeous fuchsia pink detailing over the deep green lace. 
The set is so different to everything else so it stands out a mile hanging in the boudoir even amongst all the other vibrant colours - it's unique details and luxury quality make it one of those lingerie sets you HAVE to have. As Nicola said when she treated herself to hers, "Now I think my life is complete.." 

If that's not a testimonial with a bit of weight behind it I don't know what is.. You really need to see this for yourself, although this is your warning - You won't take it off! 

Monday, 13 October 2014

Devil in the Detail

As the October deliveries arrive thick and fast on our doorstep there seems to be a new colour trend emerging at Tallulah Lingerie. The boudoir is slowly being sprinkled with more and more luscious deep greens, rich purples and soft greys. Tallulah doesn't often strictly work to seasonal trends, but the autumnal feel is definitely in the air! 

Mimi Holliday's Autumn/Winter 14 collection, Rum and Raison is part of this new dark and sensual group of new collections. I've enjoyed the lighthearted brights and sweet pastels from Damaris, at Mimi Holliday throughout the summer months but Rum and Raison is a breath of fresh lacy air. 

Rum and Raison Unpadded Bra and High Waisted Knickers by Damaris, Mimi Holliday | 

The shapes are very typical of Damaris, I enjoy this aspect of this brand, because it's always nice to know where you stand when it comes to fit from designers. 
The unpadded version is definitely more of a full cup, the cup comes up really high as you can see on the model shot above. Personally, I usual avoid this shape because I find it a little swamping on a petite frame, however on trying it on the lace is so gorgeous it brings something really delicate to the fuller look. 
Obviously, those lucky enough to be an E-F cup rock this shape naturally so this is just another beautiful piece to add to those you have to choose from! 

Rum and Raison High Waisted Knickers by Damaris, Mimi Holliday |

The high waisted knickers photographed above are divine. I fell in love with them and found myself writing myself an order for them not long afterwards... look at them, who can blame me?! 
Much like the unpadded bra the knickers have the most beautiful lace trim but remain super sheer and sexy. Even though they cover more surface area, the thin lace keeps them looking delicate. 

Another trademark of Damaris that I'm a huge fan of is the detail they include on the back of their knickers, whether its the tiniest peek hole on a thong or the dramatic corset detail on the back of the high waisted knickers pictured above. The devil really is in the detail.. 

Rum and Raison Padded Balcony Bra by Damaris and Mimi Holliday |

Rum and Raison Thong by Damaris, Mimi Holliday |
I'm sure you can see what I mean by now about the darkened tone the colour scheme has taken. When I first saw it I wasn't sure if it was black and had to compare it to a different set to be sure, it's so rich it finds it's place easily amongst my favourite navy and black options. 
When dark colours are done well they look incredibly chic.. Combined with the way the padded plunge bra sits in a straight line across the top of the cups this is the perfect set to show off beneath those slightly too sheer tops and white shirts. 
When your underwear looks this good, why the hell not?! 

And just when you were thinking there really is no more they could pull out from their box of luxurious magic tricks.. There's also a silk satin camisole and slip in this sensual hunter green! We're always being quizzed on whether there are any silks with matching underwear, we all know they make the best gifts and sexiest outfits.. But there isn't a great deal of options to tick these boxes in terms of having all of the pieces to combine in the same collection and colours, then, producing them to a standard we would deem luxurious we drive a hard campaign. 

Damaris covers this element to appease our high standards which is a huge compliment to them. Rum and Raison in particular is a stunningly well rounded collection and we love all of the pieces. Hence why Tallulah has brought it all to the boudoir, we know you'll love everything about it too! 

Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Temptation to Twirl

Us Tallulah girls do get awfully excited by new things.. especially when they arrive at the boudoir. Along with the new season comes an influx of new colours and collections by our beloved designers which is always fantastic news for our clients who understand that when you find something perfect you have to have it in every colour! If it ain't broke don't fix it.. 

However, our Tallulah ladies are always noticeably enthusiastic when we welcome new designers to our treasure trove. A fine example of this is a designer called Jayley who we picked up at Top Draw at London Fashion Week.. 

Jayley Kimono's at Top Draw 

They're 20's inspired silk and beaded kimonos that come in a range of mouth watering pattern and colour combinations to suit the needs of every personal taste. I've had many conversations with women instantly drawn to them, and every single one struggled to choose a favourite! I think I change my mind every few minutes on which one I love the most. The array of colours and beaded tassels swim around your mind for days once you've tried a few on and done a twirl.. when faced with a potentially shimmering shadow and a 20's inspired draped silhouette every woman is at a hard push to resist the temptation to spin around in front of a full length mirror! 

In amongst an abundance of luxurious silk and lace, the Jayley pieces still manage to stand out. The delicate beading sprinkled over unique patterns brings a hint of tasteful sparkle to the boutique and our Autumn/Winter wardrobes.

As with all things, I love versatility, I feel like I've found a hidden gem when a piece works draped over a silk chemise at home, over jeans and a t-shirt during the day or over a little black dress for the evening.. Jayley's pieces are just that! 
When I turned Tallulah's fitting room into a styling play ground with one of my favourite Tallulah ladies last weekend we came up with many different combinations of slips, chemise' and camisoles that would work beneath a shorter version of the Jayley kimono photographed below. 
What we found works really well is pairing the kimono with different coloured silk under pieces to accentuate the colours in the kimono outer layer.. it's a difficult choice of which one to wear that evening when everything from creamy nudes to a pop of blue looks divine! 

The Jayley kimono's come in two styles; a longer length which I think is more suited to wearing over a chemise around the house, and a shorter length which suits being worn as an outer layer over a camisole. 
With Autumn bringing a chill to the air I'm always looking for an extra layer, mainly to cover my bare arms when wearing t-shirts and dresses in the evenings. There's nothing worse than carrying around a cashmere cardigan that doesn't really add to what your wearing, you just threw on underneath your jacket for extra warmth. When using my shorter length kimono as an outer layer it adds a unique, vintage feel to whatever my outfit maybe, it's such a beautiful statement piece I keep it draped around my shoulders all evening, no need to throw this one in the cloakroom!

Keep your eye on What Tallulah Did, as everyday this weekend I'll be bring you all that is new at Tallulah Lingerie for A/W14. 

Thursday, 9 October 2014


Following on from my JPG blog yesterday, as promised, Im going to show you how I would style the beautiful Benmark smooth nude basque for both day and night outfits.

Benmark, Dominique Ariel longline bra in nude |
Slouch Trousers in Black by ASOS |
Longline Slouch Boyfriend Blazer in Black by Mango |
Anyone who knows me, or has even met me, know's my day time palette consists of black and nude... So coming from a personal angle I would wear my Ariel basque with high waisted slouch black trousers, my favourite are from ASOS. They're hemmed really well so you can wear them full length, tucked into the top of some ankle boots or with a few folds them become cuffed and a little shorter. 
This may seem like trivial matter but being five foot three I often come up against trousers that don't lend well to being turned up; this racks up huge alterations' bills! 

On a sunny day; you can remember what that feels like don't you.. This look is perfect with bare shoulders for after work cocktails. In this current climate I'll be throwing on this slouchy longline blazer from Mango. I hate it when "slouchy" becomes frumpy, but this jacket is tailored really well and is made from gorgeous soft fabric. It creates a gorgeously relaxed boxy silhouette cuts the body in all the right places. No one wants to look like they're wearing an oversized tent, which is always a risk when we walk the fine line between oversized and tailored.

This day time outfit would also work really well with a pair of high waisted ripped jeans and a leather jacket for a 'Sunday lunch at the pub' kind of vibe too.

Benmark Basque as referenced above
Two Piece Floral Suit from ASOS |
For my evening look, baring in mind in this Autumn chill I can't even think about bare legs, I'd choose a two piece suit. A good two piece is something I always feel comfortable in; when it comes to power dressing it's a wardrobe staple of mine.. Hence why I own quite a few in version cuts and textures! 

Again the high waisted element is brilliant.. and the print on this suit is a fantastic contrast to the nude basque. I love the way the basque's structuring moulds to your skin and body shape; with the structured blazer over top you can't really tell what your wearing underneath, which is super sexy in an unconventional way. To make the outfit a little more dressy, after a quick commute on the tube you can slip off your blazer for a gorgeous figure hugging, hourglass look.

In general, the key elements to making it work, day or night, without feeling to revealing or uncomfortable is choosing trousers that sit super high on the waist and a jacket that cuts you in the right place for your desired silhouette, day or night. If your happy with these two simple elements, the rest falls into place. 
Now go and style up your basque!