Friday, 17 October 2014

Winter Pale.

You've probably gathered this already but I love new arrivals, beautiful attention to detail and surprises. The collection I'm going to share with you today ticked all three boxes above which really was a shock.. hence the ticking of the surprise box! 

I'm really enjoying the pale colour palette that has come with winter trends this year, I think it's chic, classic and refreshing from all the winter darks we usually reach for. This set comes in the most stunning colour that's actually rather difficult to explain.. it's in the realm of the pastel pinks, lilac and nude - it's a great alternative to a white or nude lingerie set..

Passion Unpadded Bra and Shorties by Maison Lejaby |

Bow Clasp Detail - Passion Padded Bra by Maison Lejaby |

Side Strap Detail - Passion Padded Bra by Maison Lejaby |

Centre Lace Detail - Passion Padded Bra by Maison Lejaby |
Maison Lejaby has never been a brand I've paid much attention to when window shopping for myself at Tallulah Lingerie, (when surrounded by so many pretty things how can you not?!) I have clients that Maison Lejaby fits perfectly but my shape is very different to theirs so I never saw it working and very wrongly dismissed it. 
I was sceptical when the delivery arrived, I wasn't too excited about it, then Nicola and I got it into the fitting room.. It was gorgeous to say the least - and - as the story goes, I fell in love and ordered it the same day.. Oops! 

The bra comes in two shapes, both photographed above. The unpadded and padded shapes both carry the most delicious bow details; the unpadded features one at the front and the padded on the clasp at the back. The bow coming across the strap at the back is my favourite as it's just a little bit different. 

Both styles also have unexpected sprinklings of delicate lace.. especially the padded style! It has a wisp as a centre detail in between the cups and two more where the shoulder straps attach. It looks so elegant and delicate, hence my ultra feminine side which never usually comes out to play couldn't resist. 

Passion Shorties by Maison Lejaby |

Passion Shorties by Maison Lejaby |

Passion Shorties by Maison Lejaby |

The bottoms are so lacy and luxurious I find myself swooning over them more than I should in the boudoir.. 

They come in three shapes; a shortie, a thong and a knicker. The shortie and the thong both continue the theme of the little bow detail on the back. Partnered with the way the lace is exquisitely laid they really are a 'must have'. 

I'm also obsessed with the polka dot lace that many brands and designers have been using recently. It's sheer and sexy whilst not being to same-y as all your other beautiful lace.. The contrast between the polka dot as something a little different and the more elegant lace that peeks out on the waistband of the shorties is luxurious and a spot on design feature by Maison Lejaby. 

I can't wait to get mine, I know your tempted to come to the boudoir to take it for a test drive!