Thursday, 16 October 2014

Our Archive.

We've been building our archive of customer testimonials over the last year from our regular Tallulah ladies, you may have read a few already as we've started sharing them across Tallulah Lingerie's social media. This one was particularly long, but we love it so I thought why not incorporate it into What Tallulah Did.. 

This testimonial definitely best sums up in words the reason why visiting Tallulah Lingerie is an experience and part of a lifestyle rather than just a boutique. 
We know Tallulah is special but you really have to visit to understand it fully, but don't take my word for it; I'm bias..

Have a read... 

  1. I’ve been going exclusively to Tallulah on Cross Street for seven years now. The shop is gorgeous, not to mention its collections. Bras, knickers, a handmade corset, silk nightgowns and dressing gowns, pyjamas, vests, swimsuits and bikinis, shower caps, silk eye masks, tights and stockings, hold-ups… I always go to Tallulah’s for all these things. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else! I’m on friendly terms with the staff – Kim and Debby were inspired hiring choices – and the owner Nicola (who always fits my bras for me) and they’re all warm, caring, and full of expertise and experience. I get a 10% loyalty discount, but I’d go there regardless. Plus, they’ve given me several very sweet gifts over the years – a free eye mask or shower cap, a bra once… I just think it’s an amazing shop and a lovely place to be. You are guaranteed to walk out feeling sexy, in whatever way that translates for you. Nicola always texts when she has stock in she thinks I’ll like (she knows my taste very well by now) and advises my husband come birthdays and Christmas! Nicola fitted my bras throughout pregnancy and breast feeding (including sleeping bras which became needed!). Nicola advised / warned me about the changes I could expect with pregnancy and post having a baby. And throughout my severe post-natal depression, Nicola, Debby and Kim were genuinely caring and supportive. They always ask how I’m doing and we always end up chatting. I can’t say enough about how special I think this little treasure of a shop is, with its extensive and ever-changing stock to suit all sizes and tastes. I would also mention that on two occasions I’ve gone against Nicola’s advice and bought a bra she advised didn’t fit me quite right and would be uncomfortable, just because of how pretty they were, and both times I’ve regretted it. I don’t go against her advice any more! 

Thanks so much Libby! xx

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