Thursday, 31 December 2015

Christmas is over in the blink of an eye.
And so is 2015...

Hope you all had a truly wonderful time over Christmas surrounding yourself with the ones you love and that love you back.
I start with that sentence because I really do not want to look like it was all about the gifts, but hey- it was and the main thing is that I bloody hope your Santa delivered! Luckily for me my Santa did and I was spoilt appropriately, One thing that I am sure of is that many of you lingerie lovers had a purple Tallulah bag under your tree winking at you on Christmas morning, hope you were one of these lucky ones opening your beautifully wrapped gift and have enjoyed wearing (or playing with) your present immensely !

As you all know Tallulah closes for 2 weeks or so after Christmas and this year the boudoir will re-open on the 7th January 2016 just in case your Santa did not deliver you the gift that will complete your life (sorry-dramatic) we will be there to help you spend your Christmas money and put that smile firmly back where it should be.

I'm off to get ready for this evening, not massively celebrating this year- just cooking a wonderful meal and being with the people I most treasure in this world. I will of course be wearing my favourite lingerie to see me out of this year and into the 2016 in style with Loveday London. Yes, this lingerie lover will be in leather and lace to blow a kiss to 2015.

Loveday London is seeing me into 2016.

Also adding a bit of (hotline) bling (to match my Christmas present) as a surprise with my demo-cup bra, yes I do have a pair of these bad boys! wink wink.

Adding a bit of bling 

I read this great quote earlier today by Rachel Wolchin...

"I think people spend too much time staring at screens and not enough time drinking wine, tongue kissing, and dancing under the moon"

And the is what I plan to do tonight!

Happy New Year- see you on the other side.
T x

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Only a week to go, we are now officially on count down to Christmas day 2015!

And below are a few more ideas that Tallulah has on offer in the boudoir. First off is the beautiful Marjoline silk and lace trimmed 2 piece, although sold separately and the robe with a plain black silk slip (we have the simple and chic Julianne slips) is also a great outfit. This robe is also available in full length and by gosh dosh it look incredible with a black silk Christine gown. Imagine your loved ones face if she unwrapped such a beautiful parcel of silk and lace on Christmas morning, one would absolutely be receiving 'brownie points' 

Marjolaine silk and lace slip £189 & matching robe £239

For all of the candles lovers in your life, and lets face it we all know a few, we have the most wonderful scented candles - M&J Ethical candles. Made in the UK with heady scents such as Samadhi with kerpuupa, tulsi and rose.
El Capitan smelling of amber, cedar and rosewood
Tbilisi (my favourite) fills the room with Pomegranate, tarragon and walnut
Sweet Beginnings (love the name alone, the scent is so pretty too which helps!) lavender, manuka honey, cocoa. With every candle sold a donation is made to the eaves Charity, I know every charity is important, but this one is really very close to my heart as it helps Women escape from violent and abusive relationships. Great stocking fillers, also with the added glass cloche made from recycled glass to help contain the scent when not being burnt. I love receiving beautifully scented candles as gifts- don't you, plus the glass cloches look great on the fire place!

M&J Ethical Candles £35 & cloche £18

Finally this time I am putting in these fab socks. these really are the perfect stocking filler. The ultimate in luxury, super soft angora socks- see not everything is sexy in the boudoir!

Falke angora socks £18

Quick, swing by the boudoir and pick up your perfect present for someone or fill out your own wish-list, making sure you get Exactly what you want for Christmas.

And do not forget, in Islington it is free to park after 1.30 on Saturdays and all day on Sunday, (the boudoir is open 10-6 sat and 12-5 on sun) Looking forward to sharing some lingerie love wit you!
T x

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The count down is on...

With only 8 more days until Christmas I thought I would put together a little gift guide showing that the boudoir offers more than just sexy lingerie.
Starting off with this fantastic Cotton Matching P.J and robe set from Cottonreal. Available in XS, S, M and L and priced at £39 each. A really great present for a lovely Mother maybe or Grandma, not sexy but chic.

Cotton Robe £39 & Cotton P.Js £39 

Next are these absolutely gorgeous utterly divine lambswool and  embroidery scarves. Originally introduced to the boudoir to go along side our silk collection, I imagined curling up in front of the log fire with a glass of red wrapped up in this wearing a Christine silk gown after a long day, but are great as bed throws, scarves to keep you warm, wraps of an evening over your little black dress, literally the list goes on. I particularly love the red one, very Russian doll like and even more festive, I will definitely be handing a couple of these out as Christmas gifts to friends this year!

Red wool embroidered wrap £65

Black wool embroidered wrap £65

Ivory wool and embroidery wrap £65

But if it is a sexy (yet practical) underwear set to fill your loved ones stocking then there is this beautiful new collection from Simone Perele pictured below. One can never have enough Black Lingerie! We have had this collection in the pretty soft grey with pale pink and ivory embroidery and the fit is the fantastic fit we one would expect from Simone Perele. Within the collection 2 shapes are available in the bra, the one pictured below is a new padded plunge shape (similar to the Chantelle opera collection) with removable extra pads, and then the sheer half cup. With 3 styles of bottoms to choose from and even a suspender belt on offer, one can't go wrong! 

Simone Perele 'Wish' Black Lingerie set.

So swing by the 
boudoir, either for yourself and fill out you Wish-List or to stock up on stocking fillers for others...

Keep an eye out for more ideas over the next few days, until then, sending lots of lingerie to you all, T x

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Ok, Christmas has begun in Tallulah and the Wish-List book is ready for you...

Wish-List card waiting to be personlised for you.

We are always amongst the last to decorate up on Cross Street and this year was no exception, but it's official, the fairy lights are sparkling, the mistletoe is hanging, old school Christmas tunes playing and lots of vintage tartan ribbon is in the window (no room for an actual tree so we improvise!) 
Guess what Tallulah thinks is the perfect Christmas gift to give is? You've got it, Lingerie, and using Tallulah's Wish-List service is the best way for you to receive your perfect Christmas present- it feels decadent and generous for the gift-giver, and it ensures you'll find exactly what you want under that Christmas tree. After all, playing the guessing game when it comes to the very intimate and personal decision of which silk and lace chemise to slip into, can end in a disaster, something best avoided on the morning of the 25th! Lingerie is a gift appreciated by both, so whether you're a giver or a receiver -wink wink- make it the perfect gift with lingerie.

It is simple to use and even easier to let your 'Santa' know you have a list on the go in Tallulah to make perfect present shopping hassle free. 
1. Swing by the boudoir on Cross Street- no appointment needed.
2. Try on some of your desirable lingerie pieces.
3. Let Tallulah keep details for you.
4. You leave with a spring in your step and a very handy 'Wink Wink Nudge Nudge' personal card to leave laying around.
Then your 'Santa' can pop into the boudoir and choose from your selection- so you will be receiving still a surprise, just one that fits and you want, perfect wouldn't you say?!

Looking forward to seeing you 
and helping you create your Wish-List, 
even naughty girls get lingerie treats.

Lots of festive holiday love to you,
from Tallulah x