Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Breast feeding, Nursing and Maternity

You may or may not know, perhaps you don't need to know.....yet, or never need to know but in the boudoir we do sell breast feeding bras or nursing bras which ever you want to call them.
Notice I didn't say maternity bras (will get on to maternity bras after)

Welcome to the boudoir

Earlier up on our Insta Stories this week we put a couple of videos of a black lace wired feeding bra that was being sent out to Kensington to a gorgeous new customer after she came in for a fitting last week (went home with 2 and ordered a third) and our DMs went mad, literally so many questions being asked so we thought a blog post on Maternity and Feeding bras is needed, put to bed some of the myths and old wives tales out there that scare us all- time Tallulah told you the truth.

And it comes from my own experience, first breast feeding my son Finn 16 years ago, that time only managing 3 months, I was young and really didn't enjoy it plus Tallulah opened when he was 8 months old. Then second time with Dolly I managed 8 months and that time I had to stop (well not really had to stop but it was a perfect excuse for me anyway) it was my 30th and knew I would be drunk for days. Enough about me, sorry its purely so you know I have had breast feeding experience and understand the problems that may or may not arise. 

I'm going to start off with During pregnancy it is utter rubbish that one cannot wear a wired bra.
There its been said. Yes it is uncomfortable if you are in the wrong size whether you are pregnant or not and Yes it is bad for your breast tissue if you are in the wrong size whether you are pregnant or not. Basically the wire should support the breast and hold the breast tissue within the wires not dig in, being pregnant doesn't change this just your size and shape. Its just lots of ladies are not used to being fitted properly. Yes your breasts grow when you are pregnant that is why another sized wired bra is needed.
There is so much more support in a wired bra.
Plus the back may not need to go up that much, having only a couple of bras and heavier breasts means the 2 bras you are wearing will stretch much quicker then if you have your entire lingerie drawer on rotation so its not always the case to go up that much if at all. Yes your ribs expand but the elastic gives too.
We recommend coming in after that wonderful 12 week scan. Hopefully the growth spurt of your breasts has calmed down, I mean you will probably still be tender but being supported will help with this tenderness too. We will fit you with 2 bras, a light and dark- very practical here.

Everyone is different but we find another fitting is needed around the 22-24 weeks and then that normally is OK until nursing time.
All the time our mothers-to-be pop in and we check the fit, if something is uncomfortable we may add a bra extender if needed or tighten/loosen straps. 
One thing I wish I had been told in my pregnancy with Finn is to wear a bra to bed. Now NO WIRE PLEASE to bed.  Repeat NO WIRE to bed. So a wire free bra or bralette. Also it is nice to switch into this once home and relaxing. One it helps with the support so in turn it helps with the tenderness.

Below is the new Cosabella soft cup bra and i have to say it is amazing, just the sort of bra I wear to bed now so definitely would have worn during pregnancy whilst relaxing at home.

Cosabella soft cup bra set

We only carry 1 brand for feeding bras, to be honest there are much more out there nowadays, but for me they are more fashion bras and when I was breast feeding I just had in my head that my boobs are feeding my babies and needed bras that would dry quickly after the milk squirts out to quickly to reach the babies mouth, they must be comfortable and supportive with deep bands and cup sized rather then Small Medium Large etc.... and the look of them was the least of my worries- said from the mouth (or rather finger tips) of a true lingerie addict. OK back to that brand, Anita, a German brand. To us they do the best feeding bras that offer everything you will need whilst feeding.

Fitting the first feeding bra is quite different to a regular bra or even any other feeding bras you might go on to get if you continue with feeding. Its best to book an appointment if you wanted a fitting with me, otherwise one of the fabulous girls are more then capable after my training, but they haven't breast fed, so can't explain with experience the sensation of the milk drawing in. Nursing bras are like maternity clothes, graded different so please don't think you will be wearing a 38d if you were a 32d before baby. 

Wired black lace feeding bra

Pretty ribbon detail

Image taken from the Anita Look Book

Above is the black lace wired bra that started off this blog...
On the video it was mentioned it goes up to a H cup, but actually it now goes unto a J cup and available in 3 colours. Black is obviously our best selling colour, also forgot to mention she starts at a 30" back, although to be honest this bra does fit quite snug on the back but really good if you are a 28". As it is unwired it is not suitable for bed, so this is the bra we recommend you start with...

Non wired feeding bra up to H cup

Deep band for extra comfort

Thick padded straps for extra comfort

Pretty lace detail

Up to a H in both black and white. As you can see the straps are padded and thicker and the side is rather deep helping it to be super comfortable for when you first start feeding. This fabric dries quick for that squirting mentioned before due to the breathable high-modulus microfibre fabric, plus when you wash it quick drying always helps.
We never encourage you to buy too many bras at once as your shape will change, to start with when you come in around week 38 for your fitting we will start you off with this bra, 2 of them so when 1 is in the wash you have 1 to wear. Then once some sort of "routine" has happened come in for another fitting then we can get you in the fabulous wired bras to give better shape and more confidence whilst you work out your new body shape that has just created a new life!

Another from our best selling feeding list is this bra, again she is underwired for more support and of course that better shape that we want after having a baby but still not for night time. Not to sure what the lady is doing in the picture (taken from the lookbook we work from) but anyway focus on the bra. Really practical and goes to a J cup so fantastic because realistically your boobs will get really rather big!

Not sure about her facial expression but this image is taken from the Anita Look Book

Pretty jacquard fabric

Inside the feeding bra

The inside of the bras look like the image above with that 'sling' to hold once you have un-clipped the cup ready to feed. All the Anita feeding bras have the KwikKlip system for ease too. 
The toning loop you can see by the clip is so one can tie a ribbon on so you can remember which breast you last fed from....genius! 

Another myth I would like to do away with is that if you buy your feeding bras to wear during your pregnancy you will save money- Now this is just not true and false economy, let me explain- if you wear your feeding bras before you are feeding then when you come to needing them they will not have the full support you will be needing for your milk filled heavy breasts, so please don't do this, trust me your boobs will Thank You later.

Also please don't reuse your feeding bras for other babies, generally one washes and wears their feeding bras so much that the elastic has gone so not great to use them again because of the lack of support.
Lastly, whether you dislike breast feeding like I did or totally love it, if you can do its great but if you can't breast feed then its absolutely no biggy, it means you get to wear the beautiful bras again much sooner- bonus!

Thank you for reading this blog, and I hope it inspires you to get fitted and wearing nice pretty supportive bras during your pregnancy hopefully in the boudoir or if not another independent boutique as I promise you, you will get a much better service and fitting.
We are part of the Lingerie Guild maybe click on the link to find your closest indie if you can't get to us.

So to finish off, it is fine to wear wire in pregnancy, it just has to fit you correctly- just like any other time in your life of wearing a bra. At about 12 weeks go for your first fitting, get a couple and a couple of soft cup bras to sleep in and to wear at home lounging. Keep checking your bra fits, swing by so we can check. Feeding bras around the 38 week. Good Luck.

If you know anyone pregnant please pass on this blog.

Hope to see you soon lingerie loves,
Until then kisses to you,
Tallulah x