Sunday, 2 August 2015

New season and new collections, who said lingerie is seasonal...

Buying has started again in the world of Lingerie, we are viewing collections and placing orders for Spring/Summer 2016, just like in the Ready to Wear fashion world, although I do struggle with this concept of Lingerie being seasonal. If you want to wear soft blush in winter, deep gem colours in the summer or florals in the fall why have the fashion world dictate to you whats seasonal for your undergarments. But I do have to follow the rules sometimes and this is one of those times and twice a year I place the vast majority of beautiful lingerie, loungewear, silks and swimwear orders that will scantly decorate the boudoir for the next few months. Although the majority of orders are dealt with like this, every week I place top up orders, and place the customer orders that have been taken that week in the boudoir. Offering this service is what sets Tallulah and other independent lingerie boutiques apart from the big soul-less and life-less department stores who are unable to offer this personal ordering service. Most of the time we have a collection in one colour, but it is available to order in many other colours, so we go through the lookbooks and catalogues with our customers and choose the perfect shade of Chantilly lace to support and look pretty or that will go perfectly under a particular outerwear outfit, making it the perfect foundation wear.
Although the vast majority of the orders are placed twice a year, they do not all arrive in the boudoir at once. I place them in a way that there will always be something new and exciting for our loyal Tallulah customers that visit the boudoir every month, something new to wink at them when they enter and go weak at the knees as they leave with their purple bag sealed with cream ribbon full of lingerie lushness.

                             In Tallulah this summer from Miss Mandalay and Rosa Faia decorating the boudoir with one of Tallulah's vintage blue suitcases.

Im starting the buying season off with swimwear, I have to admit… not my favourite collections to buy at all. There is no lace, silk or any of the embellishments that make my heart skip a beat when I see the collection for the first time or when it finally arrives into the boudoir, but it is important to have a beautiful well-fitted bikini or sexy and suitable for the occasion swimsuit, lets face it that when prancing around in public wearing practically nothing its best to do this showing off our best features and attributes hence a well cut and great fabric swimwear trousseau. Miss Mandalay is always great for the E cup and above (going to a GG) bikinis, nice under-wired halter tops always with a choice of bottoms and with great prints. For the suit it has to be the fantastic MiricleSuit and with their tag line being (said in an over exaggerated twanged American accent) “Look 10lbs lighter in 10 seconds” who wouldn’t want one of these?! Im thinking of having a glance at the Seafolly collection this season, I know its widely available- as in it can be bought with ease online and from the dreaded department stores, but I’m really quite liking the look of the collection on offer…You will just have to wait and see what choices I make for Tallulah. Every year in the summer I visit some of my dearest friends in one of my favourite places in the world, Venice. They have a rather sexy speed boat, so we go out every day and pitch up at the local beach and just relax. Now as we know the Italians are known for their trendy trend setting fashion ways, so every year I take my ‘boat outfits’ very seriously and make sure I pack a few new bikinis so I know first hand how important a well-fitted swimwear wardrobe is, and if you hadn’t guessed by know, Tallulah is all about me! Below is the house we stay in, its just amazing. The shutters are a similar shade of emerald green to the Simone Perele lingerie set I am about to introduce you to ...

Very excitingly new collections arrived from the gorgeous Simone Perele this week. Mezmerising Emerald lace is the new colour in one of Tallulah’s top selling collections called ‘Celeste’. Infact if you are a regular Tallulah customer, chances are you have had this in at least one of the colours it has been offered in the past. We always have in stock the ivory, black and ’nude’ and due to this collection available in 30 backs it really is a great seller for us. 

Another collection to arrive recently is ‘Backstage’ a new one from Simone Perele in the most amazing deep ink navy blue. I really love navy lingerie, it is a great alternative to the traditional black, please do not take that out of context thou, I love black lingerie too! But something about this collection actually makes my heart have a little flutter, it must be something to do with the colour, the embroidery, the shell like scalloping edge and soft fine quilting detail of diamond shapes, it is also available to order in beautiful blush and to me this just puts the 1920s in my mind. It has an unpadded half cup and padded plunge shape bra with a couple of choices on the bottom, then the piece thats makes this collection so special is the deep waist-cincher style suspender belt. I do wish a belt was offered in more lingerie sets. The thing that is particularly great with this belt is that it can be worn as outerwear as a waspie over a dress or 2 piece.

Just look at that beautiful scallop quilted detail and embroidery, finished with a bow in the middle.

Hope you have a wonderfully hot, sticky and sweet week as it looks like that great big golden ball will be in the skies. Be sure to swing by the boudoir to see for your self the beautiful new collections that have arrived this week or to look through any of the look books to place your very own order, chilled water will be served all week, and the boudoir is on the un-sunny side of the street so its always cool for when your ready to strip off! Here is Something sweet from Venice for you to suck on (wink wink). 

So until next time, T x

The Fashion image at the top was borrowed from Pinterest, Thank you x