Wednesday, 5 July 2017

La Dolce Vita, the summer edit

Summer is blazing and all I think about is escaping to the mediterranean, daydreaming of delicate vintage lace, an ivory and blush palette, perfect for sun-kissed skin. 
I thought I would have a little fun today and style my latest crush in a summer edit just for you!

How perfectly named is this Maison Lejaby set, la Bohemienne. It is both modern and nostalgic all at once. 

The soft cup bra fits to perfection even up to an D cup and has the most wonderful fringe details.
For the ultimate Bohemienne look, style it up with the delicate Shell Belle "seduce me gown"and high waist knicks for a real Dolce Vita night.


It is also available in the underwire style, giving a real 70's retro vibe. Beautiful fit in both a padded and unpadded version. A must-have for all your flowy white summer items.
The lace trim feels too pretty to even hide! Show off innocently the edges with a little strappy number like this Steph Aman nude dress (picture below)



I hope this little taster of Lejaby's Bohemienne has given you ideas for your next holidays!

Lot's of lingerie love to you,

x T

Monday, 12 June 2017

Summer Solstice Shopping 

Well, hasn't time flown by since my last blog post!
We are now officially in Summer time (although as I type this it is looking rather gloomy out there on Cross Street) and enjoying lots of beautiful colourful lace lingerie, sheer negligees and silk chemises.
Like these 2 sets from Chantelle below. 

Then if you follow Tallulah on Instagram then you would of seen the beautiful, delicate diaphanous cotton negligees pictured here-

With a number of styles to choose from with the cotton collection, there will be at least 2 for you to go home with ;-)

If cotton is not your thing and silk is then you must see our summer silks from Marjolaine (pictured below) plus the colours we have from Italian designer Clara Rossi are just lick-ably divine. Lots of silk camisoles to at the moment, so you can do the Underwear as Outerwear trend that we love so much very easily.

Then we have the bridal season, although bridal season has just turned into a year round season, it has been fun helping to create lots of magical Bridal Trousseau's for all our special Brides-to-Be. I love this colour way that one of brides chose with her bespoke knickers of blush satin with pale blue embroidery as her something blue, such a unique touch- your partners name embroidered across your bottom.

Going through my diary earlier I noticed that the longest day of the year- the Summer Solstice is very very fast approaching indeed. To celebrate its arrival, this weekend you are invited into the boudoir to sip on Prosecco whilst shopping your outfit for Summer Solstice this

Drinks served all day.

Get ready to find your inner Witch with a fancy new lingerie ensemble from our summer collections. We have plenty of black lace to so fear not, its all about colour but it is about getting ready for some serious hot loving' on the longest day of 2017.

Really hope to see you and some of your girlfriends this Saturday!

Lots of lingerie love to you xx

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Happy International Women's Day 2017.

International Women's Day originally called International Working Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th every year around the world. It commemorates the struggle for women's rights. 

In some countries around the world today it is an official holiday. In others maybe not an official holiday but it is recognised and it is similar to Mother's day, it is customary for men to give the women in their lives - friends, mothers, wives, girlfriends, daughters etc. flowers and small gifts. 

I am proud to be pro women not just in my personal life but in business too- I support where ever and whenever I can. From the candles we stock in Tallulah that are made by Jennifer at M&J ethical candles in her very own house. She mixes, hand pours, labels them, she does it all, then hand delivers them to the boudoir, and if that wasn't enough a donation is sent to a local charity called Nia who are 'Delivering cutting edge services to end violence against women and children' -

To the independent female designer's we are lucky enough to have stocked in Tallulah. To name but a few - Michelle from Shell Belle, Laura at Ell & Cee, Christine you too from Christine silks in Canada, Luisa from Loveday London and Kerry from Verry Kerry oh I could very proudly list a whole many more.....
For me it is vital that the working relationship is equal with these women. As a women in business it is difficult enough as it is and I really do not want to make it any more difficult for any women and to be honest I expect that back. Respect and Support each other. I have come under attack in the past with fellow women criticising what I do- whether its because they do not like that it is lingerie (some people, women in particular feel very threatened by this) or that it is 'just a shop floor job' either way my job is not really taken very seriously, I am so very proud of my job and even more proud of how we help women feel in Tallulah - this to me is empowering.
Working on the shop floor, buying, fittings, tidying up, making tea, having meetings, cleaning the toilets and so much more, it all has to be done.
 Blimey when I think back to summer 2003 and trying to get Tallulah up and running....I'm sure if I were a man I would have been taken much more seriously. I was lucky enough to have a very supportive feminist partner that has continued to support, back in the very beginning it was full of obstacles not to go ahead with Tallulah.

Life and business, both are hard enough, as a women we really should be able to stand up and support each other, let each other know "I have your back" not to beat each other with a stick as Emma Watson mentioned this week when talking about that gorgeous photo of her in that beautiful Burberry cape for Vanity Fair. 

I grew up in a violent and very abusive atmosphere being told I was good for nothing, just stocking Safeways selves if I was lucky. Well here I am stocking my very own shelves. Luckily I am no longer surrounded by these people, I only surround myself with equal Love and support. Feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.
It's not just 1 day to support one another, but every day.

Now go and support Tallulah and get yourself a new lingerie set ;-)
lots have been delivered over the last couple of weeks and below are some little tasters for you... 

Beautiful new aubade in midnight lace also available in peach lace.

Gothic style with this Elles collection from Simone Perele.

Wacoal's Frivole is a tattoo effect.

One of our favs in the boudoir from Chantal Thomass now in polka dots.

Or this lagoon lace from Chantelle- gorgeous!!

As always, lingerie love to you all.
Thank you for your continued support.
T xx
Next blog will be about our swimwear event- please cave the date Friday 24th and Saturday 25th March for the fun.

Thank you to Wikipedia for the information at the top of this blog, Vanity Fair for Emma Watson image, Mark Whitfield for the interior shot and all you wonderful Women and Men.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

February 14th...

Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is just day's away. I know this 'Day of love' divides many people. Who needs a day to say I love you with over priced flowers or eat chocolates on that 1 day, I mean who doesn't eat chocolate most days? or a treat of lingerie. Well with the first 2 I agree but come on any excuse to add to your lingerie collection needs to be embraced I say. So I love St Valentines (or Clinton Cards) for declaring an actual day with the perfect excuse to treat you both. 
Either send your partner in or as I do make yourself be the Valentines present with new silks and lingerie.

Floral printed lingerie and floral laced trimmed silks make the perfect Valentine's present, Flowers and lingerie in one! Then you can eat each other so you don't even need chocolates...
This Stella McCartney silk and cotton lace trimmed floral lingerie set pictured below is a great one;

Please partners, DO NOT be trashy. Us girls love silk, and the new Marjolaine is just perfect, either in blue (pictured above and below) and it matches perfect with the lingerie-

Or the pretty powder pink -

Both have a matching robe to finish the outfit plus both scream I LOVE YOU in a romantic loving way. Team is with a pearl thong if you want to be a little cheeky, every girl loves pearls.

Please note the lack of black lace in this post! Please do not be so obvious, subtle is more sexy.

Hope to see you or your lover over the next couple of days, we are opening on Monday as it is Valentines Eve Midday til 6.

If I don't see you, Happy Valentines Day xxx

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Bonjour new lingerie...

I love the inescapable signature style of Chantal Thomass - the feminine/masculine throughout her collections. Her attention to detail always blows my mind, and this collection is no different, in this blog post I will introduce you and try to seduce you in to the boudoir with the new heartbreakingly gorgeous pale blush lace with black lace and satin ribbon details 'Tombeuse' collection.

Starting with the slightly padded balcony style, this is available in C and D cups. Just look at the lace, it makes my heart break a little, and the ribbon straps and the ribbon bow...

Then we have the unpadded plunge (the style I went for, but to be honest I could of gone for both!) The pale blush lace looks gorgeous on darker skin tones or pale skin, just so sexy. This style is available unto an E cup.

 And 2 choice of bottoms, both are actually really nice so I ended up with a pair of each.

Below is the thong, not too much of a thong more a brazilian so very comfortable to wear, (sorry for the wrinkle in the front- bad picture taking on my behalf)...

And the knicker is a super cute bikini brief with the black overlay lace detail on the front and ribbon bows subtle on the side so still very easy to wear. Totally and utterly gorgeous.

Leavers lace and satin bows.
Tulle lined bra for enhanced support.

I asked Marine what Tombeuse means and she replied "This name is perfect for this set Nicola, it is  "Heartbreaker", and boy is it a heartbreaker!

Then to go over the top I was thinking of going for this Only Hearts babydoll, what do you think?

It arrived with the Only Hearts delivery a couple of weeks back and is part of the ouvert
black tulle collection and is wonderful. It really sits well over the lingerie or as a piece on its own, a great gift idea if unsure of the receivers size too finished off with a pearl thong. 
As you can see below it is open in the 1960s style babydoll. I love the soft sheer polka dot tulle. Sizes are Small, Medium or Large.

Maybe an idea here for your Valentines Day present (sorry I had to mention it). Hope to see you on Cross Street very soon Lingerie Lovers.
Swing by the boudoir and let Tallulah chase your troubles away with some help from Chantal Thomass and Only Hearts.

See you soon,
T x

Monday, 9 January 2017

New Year, New You...

Happy New Year lingerie loves! Sorry in the lateness to wish you, but by now I'm sure you know I am not on top of everything or anything that has to do with technology. I would rather talk to people, what can I say? I'm a people's person! In fact for those of you that have not visited the boudoir did you know we do not even have a till or computer system, everything is lovingly hand written from our receipts, notes to customers to the stock records and our customer files. And the way we price up our collections for the shop floor is no normal way either, but that you will have to see for yourself.

Talking customer files, please do soon swing by to have your fitting and we can update your customer file details, and if you are yet to have left your details with us then please also find the time to pop in for a fitting and we can start your Tallulah experience (and lingerie addiction)- it doesn't take long. If you knew the amount of ladies still in this day and age wearing the wrong bra size, Trinny, Susannah or Gok didn't get to them! Its not just about bra size but its a great opportunity to try different shape bras for different outfits. Feel free to bring along to your bra fitting any particular clothing that you need under-garments for too.
Once your file is filled out and we have on record your size and shapes that suit you and even the ones that really do not, we can let you know when similar collections have arrived that we think you will be needing, plus if anyone would like to buy you a lingerie treat at any point we always have your details ready to help them choose your perfect size and style.

This week we have welcomed a new designer to Tallulah called 'Only Hearts'. With its beautiful tulle, lace and frills and cheeky open cup bralettes and crotchless panties it is a real fun collection. Below is a little sneak peek...

This is the midnight collection. With is navy lace and cheeky open cup bralette and completely open panties it is definitely going to be a hot seller!

Very cheeky, right?!?!

Then we have the Tallulah purple tulle and frill set. This set is more cute than the other as the frills are the attraction and not an open cup or crotch. And this colour 'mmmmmmmm', I mean, its gorgeous.

The frills sit perfectly on top of the cup

and sexily over ones derriere.

I love it!

Then I have the classic black ouvert knickers to show you, now these do have a matching bra but you will have to have a look on Instagram for this, I posted it a few days ago. Also a babydoll which I think goes well with the knickers if you are not a bralette type of person (although I have to say that they are not always so flattering on me- but these 3 bralettes do work) But the babydoll is a classic shape and cupped with an open front, hence the knickers working well- wink wink.

Easy access or what. Super sexy in a very classy way indeed. The softest sheer tulle with delicate polka dots.
Thank you Only Hearts for such a sexy and beautiful collection all rolled into one.

More pieces from the collection are available in store, delicate lace camisole and frenchies in the most beautiful mink lace.

Please do not forget we have gone back to closing on Mondays until Spring, of course if this is the only day you can make it in then please do not hesitate to get in touch, I can always come in for you.

Here's to a fantastic, fun, lingerie filled and love filled year ahead.

Thank you for reading,
Lots of Lingerie love to you,
T xx

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Happy Holidays!

I won't keep you long, I just wanted to say Thank you so very much for the love and support Tallulah has had from you this past year- for me personally it has been the worst year ever. I do not really remember the first 3 months if totally honest as they are still a blur for me- the girls, my friends and loyal customers have helped so much- from the bottom to the very top of my stockings and my whole heart, THANK YOU.

Tallulah has had an amazing 13th year on Cross Street. 13 unlucky for some, not for us!
I am very excited to introduce you to the new designers found to join the boudoir and the gorgeous spring collection in the New Year.

See you in 2017.
11am 5th Jan to be exact.
Here's to your health, love and continuing beautiful lingerie collection. 

Lots of Love xxx