Monday, 12 November 2018

Red Box Project x

Supporting each other... 

Wow, what a week it has been. Thank you all so much for your love and support in helping celebrate our 15th Anniversary last weekend. Your messages of congratulations and kindness were totally over-whelming and the turn out of all you wonderful fellow lingerie addicts blew us away! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Without you Tallulah would not have her boudoir and no lingerie love to share with you (sorry the drama is turned up a little today- but I really do mean it!)

One of the very exciting things I found out last week was that our Amy is an Ambassador for the new charity we are supporting, 'The Red Box Project' - We stumbled across this wonderful charity whilst scrolling through Instagram and sent them a message and the hook up was done and we are now a drop off point for your donations to be passed on to the local schools in our area.

The Red Box Project is an initiative that quietly ensures that no young woman misses out on her education because of her period. They are 100% community driven and run by individuals across the UK. We place constantly stocked Red Boxes of sanitary wear in schools for young women to access, aiming to reach those who may not be able to afford these vital items.

Can you guess what my next question will be?....Yep, you got it, PLEASE help us support this initiative by donating sanitary projects so we can pass them on and ensure no young woman misses school because she has her period.
Can you imagine if everyone of our fellow lingerie loves bought in with them on their next visit to the boudoir a pack to donate how much 

Another thing very exciting happened this week....whilst watching the new Netflix show 'The Haunting of Hill House' (so rock 'n' roll) the rather beautiful mother was wearing our rose quartz Christine gown. Here is a dodgy iPhone picture...

Not the best shot, sorry, below is a better photo although in our blush/mink colour way. It doesn't matter what colour in these gowns, they are always absolutely beautiful, for sure one of those pieces that when you own 1 colour, you want more (and more!). The silk is exquisite, and actually the designer Christine is celebrating 45 years of creating beautiful silks, we are lucky enough to be her only European stockist and love having the opportunity to be on her journey with her. These are literally my favourite gowns, along with lots of you I know. Happy Anniversary Christine x

Photography Mark Whitfield

I would love to introduce to you our new lingerie love in the boudoir, Natalie- you may of seen her last week but we were so busy neither Marine or I had the chance, so when you are next in or keep an eye out on the stories on Instagram  where I'm sure she will be popping up. She is utterly obsessed with lingerie and of course has me as a girlboss so will totally know her stuff inside out.

So please do spread not only the Tallulah Lingerie Love but the Red Box Project Love and bring in any donations, all will be greatly appreciated.

And thank you again for your love and support over the last 15 years, heres to many more.

Love T xx