Sunday, 26 October 2014

Did Someone Say Prizes?

I'm sure you've caught wind that Tallulah Lingerie will be celebrating it's 11th birthday on Cross Street on the 11th of November. 
I've started releasing tempting images of our raffle prizes that will be up for grabs on the evening. We've been so lucky, not only to have been supported by our friends and clients but by the designers and brands whom we stock. 
To have an eleven year long relationship with anyone is hard going but we're pleased to say that the passion we had at the beginning with these brands and designers is still going strong! 

So here some more fabulous gifts featuring in our raffle.. 

Gift Cards 
There are two gift vouchers for the taking from two of our biggest french designers; Chantelle and Simone Perele. What's most exciting is that you can choose ANY set that you like, it's basically a self tailored present with no expense on your behalf! 
A set from either of these designers would usually retail at around £110-150.. I'll just let that dazzling thought sink in there. 

With so much beautiful Chantilly lace to choose from I wouldn't know where to start and the thought of winning one of the Simone Perele sets where each metre of lace takes hours to make and construct makes my head spin. 

More tomorrow... Happy Sunday!