Sunday, 25 January 2015

Winter Pale

Winter Pale has been one of my favourite trends throughout this chilly season. When the elements are misbehaving outdoors it's a chic alternative to wrapping up head to toe in black.
If you're going to try a new trend for the new year, don't let it be just a different shade of grey.. And if you're not ready to jump in with both feet donning your white skinny jeans and pale leather jacket why not test the waters with a gorgeous new lingerie set?

Aubade's Brazil Paradise is perfect for this. Coco, blush and ivory embroidery paired with wisps of soft lace creates an ultra sexy alternative to the ivory t-shirt bra.
When discussing luxurious lingerie the devil is very much always in the detail, this beautiful little set comes with a feather attachment, that can be removed for the practicalities for a simple grey t-shirt and re-attached when it's bed time and tickling is always welcome..

T x 

Sunday, 18 January 2015

When Two Become One..

Just when you thought you weren't going to make it through the driest month of the year What Tallulah Did is back! 
Let's make the most of those long dark evenings and chilly mornings in the most gorgeous luxury lingerie.


Stella McCartney 

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, A/W 14 - Madrid

For all women out there who associate trying to find matching undies with your worst nightmare, the bodysuit is made for you. The other half will never ever get lost of left in a hotel suite! 

Above are my top three, Stella McCartney's Violet Body was a obvious choice as a stunning pop of colour to slip under any item of your wardrobe, the simple triangle cups and thick straps make it super comfortable for every occasion. 

Huit's lace insert body takes more of a 'for the boudoir' angle with sheer lace cups and sexy low back, but who says you can't wear it beneath your office attire an after six o'clock treat? 

And then we come to the Andres Sarda.. just look at it?! It's sheer, sexy and one of those pieces your life just isn't complete without. I received mine on Christmas day and it's definitely one of those pieces I wonder how I ever got through life without it.
Could be put to fantastic use on a rainy day, night and morning after.. 

T x