Monday, 13 October 2014

Devil in the Detail

As the October deliveries arrive thick and fast on our doorstep there seems to be a new colour trend emerging at Tallulah Lingerie. The boudoir is slowly being sprinkled with more and more luscious deep greens, rich purples and soft greys. Tallulah doesn't often strictly work to seasonal trends, but the autumnal feel is definitely in the air! 

Mimi Holliday's Autumn/Winter 14 collection, Rum and Raison is part of this new dark and sensual group of new collections. I've enjoyed the lighthearted brights and sweet pastels from Damaris, at Mimi Holliday throughout the summer months but Rum and Raison is a breath of fresh lacy air. 

Rum and Raison Unpadded Bra and High Waisted Knickers by Damaris, Mimi Holliday | 

The shapes are very typical of Damaris, I enjoy this aspect of this brand, because it's always nice to know where you stand when it comes to fit from designers. 
The unpadded version is definitely more of a full cup, the cup comes up really high as you can see on the model shot above. Personally, I usual avoid this shape because I find it a little swamping on a petite frame, however on trying it on the lace is so gorgeous it brings something really delicate to the fuller look. 
Obviously, those lucky enough to be an E-F cup rock this shape naturally so this is just another beautiful piece to add to those you have to choose from! 

Rum and Raison High Waisted Knickers by Damaris, Mimi Holliday |

The high waisted knickers photographed above are divine. I fell in love with them and found myself writing myself an order for them not long afterwards... look at them, who can blame me?! 
Much like the unpadded bra the knickers have the most beautiful lace trim but remain super sheer and sexy. Even though they cover more surface area, the thin lace keeps them looking delicate. 

Another trademark of Damaris that I'm a huge fan of is the detail they include on the back of their knickers, whether its the tiniest peek hole on a thong or the dramatic corset detail on the back of the high waisted knickers pictured above. The devil really is in the detail.. 

Rum and Raison Padded Balcony Bra by Damaris and Mimi Holliday |

Rum and Raison Thong by Damaris, Mimi Holliday |
I'm sure you can see what I mean by now about the darkened tone the colour scheme has taken. When I first saw it I wasn't sure if it was black and had to compare it to a different set to be sure, it's so rich it finds it's place easily amongst my favourite navy and black options. 
When dark colours are done well they look incredibly chic.. Combined with the way the padded plunge bra sits in a straight line across the top of the cups this is the perfect set to show off beneath those slightly too sheer tops and white shirts. 
When your underwear looks this good, why the hell not?! 

And just when you were thinking there really is no more they could pull out from their box of luxurious magic tricks.. There's also a silk satin camisole and slip in this sensual hunter green! We're always being quizzed on whether there are any silks with matching underwear, we all know they make the best gifts and sexiest outfits.. But there isn't a great deal of options to tick these boxes in terms of having all of the pieces to combine in the same collection and colours, then, producing them to a standard we would deem luxurious we drive a hard campaign. 

Damaris covers this element to appease our high standards which is a huge compliment to them. Rum and Raison in particular is a stunningly well rounded collection and we love all of the pieces. Hence why Tallulah has brought it all to the boudoir, we know you'll love everything about it too! 

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