Sunday, 31 August 2014

Pretty in Polka Dots

A short while back Tallulah Lingerie added Andres Sarda to the boudoirs' extensive list of luxury lingerie designers. We swooned over the gorgeous look book, but sadly we can't have it all, so here's our favourite.. 

Flocked Polka Dot Unpadded Full Cup Bra in Plum and Black by Andres Sarda A/W 14 |

Of course it was the perfect plum and black with flocked polka dots! With an image like this to go along with this gorge lingerie collection how could we not?! 

The bra is available in three styles; an unpadded full cup, an unpadded half cup and padded plunge. And the bottoms are available in a knicker and a thong.. So no matter what your preference there'll be something to flatter your every curve. 

Tahiti - Padded Plunge Bra in Plum and Black Flocked Polka Dot by Andres Sarda |

Tahiti - Thong in Plum and Black Flocked Polka Dot by Andres Sarda |

Tahiti - Knickers in Plum and Black Flocked Polka Dot |

The flocked polka dots are a soft velvet texture, in contrast with the gorgeous sheer plum fabric. Paired with the black lace on the edging of both the thong, knickers and cups of all three bra styles, this beautiful lingerie set becomes some thing quite different.. 

A/W 2014 collection by Andres Sarda |

We do have one more collection coming from Andres Sarda; that was a quick green and pink taster for you to dream about in the mean time.. 

Happy Sunday from Tallulah and What Tallulah Did! 

Saturday, 30 August 2014

English Romance

When encompassing a very English romance, luxury british design house Fleur of England always present an angle that's feminine and flawless. 

I was never a fan of red lingerie; I thought it was a bit obvious and 'mainstream sexy'.. But then I picked out Amour from my size box at Tallulah and I fell in love with it. The exquisite lace details and the perfect red silk that has just the right amount of blue pigment to make it a deep, gorgeous red became my first purchase at Tallulah Lingerie. 

Amour Padded Bra and Knickers by Fleur of England |

Amour Kimono Style Robe by Fleur of England |

Amour Boudoir Bra and Tie Side Knickers by Fleur of England |
Amour is the ultimate Valentine's outfit.. The Lady in Red! 
The silk is so dreamy, it feel like liquid against your skin.  

Sometimes when I see collections labelled as 'luxury' lingerie, I'm not sure that the label 'luxury' should be thrown around so easily.. Fleur of England however, really is luxurious. You feel it in the way the exquisite textiles rest against your skin.

Truffle Balcony Bra, Suspender Belt and Knickers by Fleur of England |

Truffle Butterfly Kimono, Padded Bra and Knickers by Fleur of England |

Truffle Camisole and Thong by Fleur of England |

Truffle Boudoir Bra and Tie Side Knickers by Fleur of England |

The dreamy mix of mink and cappuccino colouring for Truffle, from Fleur of Englands' A/W 13 collection is beautiful. 
Many reviews of this collection have said that it's unpractical - I agree in some ways, I wouldn't wear the boudoir bra and tie side knickers under my favourite t-shirt and skinny jeans. However, the padded bra and knickers, which are the same shape as the set I own from Amour I find perfectly wearable as a t-shirt bra! 

Truffle is a fantastic colour as an alternative to a foundation nude, don't you think? When talking luxury, Truffle as a nude padded t-shirt bra doesn't sound to bad to me..
And what about the little camisole as you can see pictured above.. I would pair that with a little cashmere cardigan or jumper and some jeans of your choice and you have the perfect casual Autumn to Winter look.. My point is, yes it's luxurious, and yes it's wearable! 

Babydoll Gown by Fleur of England |

Flirtation Balcony Bra, Suspender Belt and Thong by Fleur of England |

Rose Boudoir Bra and Tie Side Knickers by Fleur of England |
Above are a few more pieces from various collections that I love and Tallulah has stocked at one stage or another.. 

As I was saying earlier, the boudoir bra and tie side knickers are unpractical. But, in terms of boudoir wear, as suggested in the name, they are perfect!

The gorgeous bows are enticing and are meant to be unravelled like the unwrapping of the gift. The art of seduction isn't all about the naked body but the element of possibility. Possibility is definitely what these soft ties are suggesting. Undoable bows are definitely the sexiest invitations I've seen.. 

A/W 14 collection by Fleur of England |

After seeing the A/W 14 look book, I can't wait for more beautifully delicate, yet gorgeously sexy lingerie from Fleur of England! Lingerie this luxurious will never be un-enticing. 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Master The Art of Seduction with Aubade Paris

It's been a long wait but our Aubade Paris collection is slowly growing to be the glorious collection it used to be. 
The pieces from the new Fall/Winter 2014 collection are definitely something to get excited about.. 

I know many of our loyal Tallulah followers are also lovers of Aubade - as promised on twitter, here's our new stock! 

Mini Bikini in Pastel Pink and Charcoal by Aubade Paris |
We've had Mini Bikini in Pastel Pink and Charcoal for a few weeks now. It's had so much love from our clients who have taken it for a spin. 

Inspired by 70's flower power, Mini Bikini has the cutest floral details. Combine them with deep charcoal grey and a pop of pastel pink and you have yourself a collection that really stands out. 
Being a huge advocate for well-fitting lingerie, of course the collection fits fabulously too! 
Douce Faveur Unpadded Bra and Knickers in Black by Aubade Paris |

Douce Faveur Unpadded Bra in Black by Aubade Paris |

Douce Faveur Knickers in Black by Aubade Paris |

Douce Faveur Unpadded Bra and Knickers in Nude by Aubade Paris | 

Douce Faveur Padded Bra in Nude by Aubade Paris |

Douce Faveur is the newest collection to grace the rails at the boudoir and we just can't get over how beautiful it is! From the running stitching on the ribbons running over the cups, to the peek-a-boo cut outs on the back of the knickers and thong we love every detail! It really is the details that count; they make these pieces so luxurious. 

The lace on the knickers is just glorious; the edging of the lace that's been chosen and the way it's positioned in its manufacture to run in a perfectly soft V at the back; so dreamy and elegant! 

Black and nude are just the perfect colours for every occasion too, don't you think? 

La Belle en Cavale Unpadded Bra, Suspender Belt and Knickers by Aubade Paris |

Even though we don't currently have La Belle en Cavale in stock at Tallulah, when browsing through the Fall/Winter 14 look book I couldn't ignore how beautiful this outfit is and I just had to share it with you! 
If desire gets the best of you, we can definitely pull some strings and order it in if needs be. 

I love the sheer panels and the deep contour of the suspender belt. Also the way the belt hooks all the way up the front and the drop details on the centre panel of the bra.. 
You get it - basically everything about it.. 

Aubade have really got it spot on with the styling of this image and indeed their whole look book. 
I even lust for their wallpaper and the fuchsia pink fur coat.. Oh, the result of fabulous choices! 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

All New, All Dreamy

What Tallulah Did.. is here to bring you the very latest happenings at Tallulah Lingerie. 
This dreamy slice of news is extremely exciting and only one day out of the delivery box! 
It's our new Shell Belle Couture.. And oh my, is it gorgeous! 

Divine Long Gown and Robe in Almond by Shell Belle Couture |

First things first, I'm so so happy that the Divine robe and gown are back in stock in this gorgeous almond colour. 
My favourite part of this set is the back of the neckline which finishes in a stunning V. 
Divine in almond is definitely in my top picks for brides who're looking for something special to wear on the morning or evening of their wedding day! 

Clementine Long Kimono Robe in Black by Shell Belle Couture |

My favourite long, kimono style, Clementine Robe which was mentioned in a previous blog post in ivory is now available in black! My heart melted when I saw the dreamy crepe silk and lace sleeves in my favourite colour.. It's a piece that's so dramatic and romantic even on the hanger! 

Room Service Kimono in Porcelain by Shell Belle Couture |

There's a new shorter length ivory robe with the most gorgeous circular, kimono sleeves...
There's nothing room service about this dreamy number, only silky luxury!  

Room Service Kimono and Aphrodisiac Camisole in Rose and Black by Shell Belle Couture

As an alternative to the usual foundation colours choices, for brides or whom ever fancies feeling glorious whilst their getting ready in the morning or winding down at night, a dusty rose pink robe with contrasting black lace trims! 

We've paired it with the Aphrodisiac Camisole in Rose with it's super sexy sheer panel running down the front.. 
Either of these pieces would be beautiful over your favourite dress on a warm summer night or with your wax-look skinny jeans when the weather gets chilly but there's still cocktails to be sipped.. 

Aphrodisiac Camisole and Shortie Set in Black by Shell Belle Couture |
I'm also really happy about the new silk camisole and shortie sets that have arrived in black. The shorts are cut at a flattering length, making them appropriate for having breakfast with the children as well as for the boudoir. 

When pieces as beautiful as these have practical elements too, there's just no reason not to lust after them. 
This is just one of the reasons why I love Shell Belle Couture! 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Fifty Shades of Fabulous

Tallulah's reputation is luxurious and filled to the brim with the most glorious silks and lace, unlike some of our competitors we aren't known for our naughty bits. 
We do have our own refined collection displayed discreetly in our boudoir but it really isn't all about Fifty Shades of Grey accessories. 

My favourite boudoir accessories designer is Paul Seville. At Tallulah we stock his beautiful laser cut, leather handcuffs and belts. 

Collection of pieces from Paul Seville |
Paul is an Irish-born designer and leather craftsmanship extraordinaire. His leather craftsmanship is entirely self taught, Paul has taken his passion for traditional leather crafting  and created his 'eccentric boudoir couture'. 

As a graduate from the London College of Fashion, Paul is a trained fashion designer and tailor. Mix that knowledge with the ability to hand carve and mould bespoke corsets and bustiers and you have yourself the amazing Paul Seville that now stands as a brand in it's own right. 

Paul originally developed his signature style after fashion college by meticulously studying his art, experimenting with information learnt from vintage and rare library books. He resourcefully took older techniques and added his own ideas creating a signature style.  

Black and Ivory Leather Cuffs by Paul Seville |
At Tallulah we adore Paul's craftsmanship; each piece is individual and unique much like the other pieces sprinkle around the boudoir to make it extra special. 

We stock the leather handcuffs, pictured above and also leather waspies' with a similar leather design. Slight differences are all part of the bespoke charm.  

Selection of Belts and Waspies' by Paul Seville |

Editorial featuring Paul Seville Harness |
Our clients sometimes ask after these pieces for bedroom wear, but more often than not they're viewed as fabulously unique fashion pieces to make their favourite shirts and dresses stand out. 

The handcuffs are un-hookable, transferring them into gorgeous cuffs. Perfect for peering out of the cuffs of your silk shirts or as refreshing details at the end of your long sleeve dress..
If you want to add the erotic element you can always add the chain when you get home... It's always nice to have the option! 

Personally, I love the leather harness look underneath a low plunge dress or t-shirt. 
I think layering the leather waspie is a fabulous way to jazz up a plain dress or emphasise your waist in any outfit! 
It's details like these that will add an edge to your outfits, whether it's for a night at the local or to a fantastic black tie event. The perfect example of this is the editorial photographed above - it's not just for high fashion images, this principle can be applied to all your outfits that need a new life. 

Check out more stock from Paul Seville at

Monday, 25 August 2014

Oh So Romantic..

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! I hope you're all having a restful weekend.
Islington has been hit by monsoon like rain and Tallulah Lingerie is taking a well earned rest for one day only. So, for today's post I've decided to bring you something beautiful to inspire you.. 

Tallulah Lingerie welcomes many, many brides through her doors nestled in quiet Cross Street. Each dress we see is beautiful and unique in it's own way. All of our brides seem to get their choices spot on; spending an hour or two with each bride I can always see the elements of their personality that drew them to the dress they chose for their special day. 

Talking stereotypically, I was never the little girl who dreamed of her wedding day. I'd never given the 'big white wedding' much thought.. 
When the 'dream wedding dress' conversation comes up with girlfriends I never have much to say, because to be honest, I just haven't thought about it.

Part of being a Tallulah girl is working with brides almost as frequently as day to day.. being around women in the process of making their big day perfect I found myself thinking about the choices I would make.. And when you start thinking about it you realise there's just so much choice! 
However, when coming across Rue De Seine I instantly knew that the casual back garden or countryside feel that was captured in these bohemian dresses was what I would want for my wedding day outfit. 

The collection is called 'Young Love' and was designed by Michele Corty. I feel in love with the romance she captures in all of her designs especially in this collection. 'Young Love' also includes a range of shoes and headpieces which are captured in essence in the images I have posted for you.. I recommend you check them out. A halo of delicate flowers is exactly what you want intertwined in your hair for your wedding day. 

Believe it or not these dresses aren't vintage.. However Michele also stocks a range of beautifully restored vintage bridal gowns that date from the 1970's all the way back to the early 1900's. Each piece is uniquely stunning, and being vintage there's only one of each gown; keep your eye on her page at for new pieces! 

I know, I know, you need these dresses! 
Well, you can check the entirety of 'Young Love' and Michele's stunning collection of vintage bridal gowns at
Unfortunately, Rue De Seine is a boutique based in Auckland, New Zealand.. 
However, there is a stockist in London called Luella's Boudoir, you can find them on The High Street Wimbledon Village or at .. Breathe a sign of relief (as I did!) 

I hope 'Young Love' has sparked up some bank holiday dreaming for you..
Tallulah Lingerie will be open tomorrow as usual, see you soon! 

Images Credits
Bridal Gowns and Accessories by
Photographs by Marissa Findlay |

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Tallulah loves.. Jewels

Here at 'What Tallulah Did' there's always something to share, whether it's keeping you up to date with what's happening on our shop floor, new designers or what it is to be a Tallulah girl. 

Today is a little insight into a Tallulah girl's jewellery box.. Accessories are always a luxurious way to finish off any outfit, even if said outfit is a wisp of Chantilly lace! 

Rose Gold Pendant by Monica Vinader |

For everyday jewels I like to keep it simple. At Tallulah we love pendants; we layer ours with our other favourites to mix it up. 

The rose gold pendant by Monica Vinader always makes it into the equation. It's super easy to wear as it's so elegant and classic.  

'My Darling' Drop Earrings in Gold by Zoe & Morgan |

Zoe and Morgan Gift Box |

The 'My Darling' drop earrings by Zoe and Morgan are just gorgeous, definitely the perfect gift idea. And if your a silver wearer, good news, they come in silver too!
I love everything from Zoe and Morgan; their jewellery is simple and classic but with a little bit a twist in the form of aztec shapes and cobra's etc.. 
Intrigued? Check out them out online, it's all just so dreamy! 

More jewellery and perfumes posts coming soon - all in a days work for a Tallulah girl!