Thursday, 10 September 2015

Silence is golden…

Hello Lingerie Lovers, apologies in the long silence over the summer. I’ve no idea where the days have disappeared. It didn’t feel like too many of those long lazy days leading into hot sticky nights were had here in the UK, and now the trees are changing colours and decorating the floors with they're shedding golden leaves leading us into autumn my favourite season. 

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Im not mad on summer fashions to be honest, I love the heat and the sun of the season, but only when on holiday where I can sip cocktails and dip my toes into the rolling waves to cool off. 
I much prefer to layer up, starting with my lingerie, then adding the hosiery choosing from stockings, stay ups or tights then top the foundations off with a lovely silk slip like this one pictured below from Vivis, the Italian silk fashion house. I love the shape, it cups the breasts nicely and has a slight A-line to the skirt part, and is a great heavy silk helping it to fall nicely and trimmed in gorgeous lace, perfect to sneak out under my outerwear hem line. In the boudoir we always have this slip in at least 2 colours.
As I mentioned before, I love to layer and the autumn is perfect for this, a sheer cashmere wrap on top of my lace blouse and then top with a leather biker jacket. The layers can be peeled off if necessary which can also come in handy-if you know what I mean Wink Wink!

Over the summer amongst others that I re-fitted was this one lovely lady, it turned out she was a journalist, I found this out afew days later whilst catching up on my inbox she had sent me an email complementing the service (and lingerie) that she experienced whilst in Tallulah and was planning on writing a feature on Tallulah. As you can imagine, this bought a huge smile to my red stained lips, I read on to find out she wanted to write about her wonderful and unique time in Tallulah and the amazing choice of stock she had offered to her for the Financial Times, How To Spend It magazine. 
As you know, we do not advertise, or pay anyone to write about Tallulah, and it is such a great feeling when someone wants so share their Tallulah experience for real over a cup of tea or a glass of fizz in with girl friends or in the media. It is such an honour and privilege to have this, everyone that enters the boudoir gets treated exactly the same, weather you are Press, an A lister ( or B or C…) or a ‘regular’ yummy mummy. Word of mouth is the best press, and there is nothing like a real life experience shared.
Below is the link, have a read, see what you think.

Im going to apologise again, I started this blog of saying sorry, now I'm saying it again...
Sorry- enough blowing my own trumpet, I'm off to get ready for an event that Tallulah is collaborating with a neighbour tonight. Maybe details will follow.

Until next time x