Wednesday, 22 October 2014


I stumbled across this hashtag launch in the wee hours of this morning and I knew it was something I wanted to support, so here's a post dedicated to it. 

#ShareTheHonestLove was launched by @MrsCaudery of @FetchamPark, this clever lady designed this new social media hashtag as a reminder to couples and everyone working in the wedding industry to remember what's important in hindsight of the carnival that is somethings wedding planing. The most important bit is the love shared and celebrated with our nearest and dearest on that day. 

Image captured by +Eddie Judd at +Fetcham Park last year 

"I regularly warn couples against obsessing too much over the 'pretty' and this wedding - and this incredible photo - is the perfect example of what a wedding day is really all about. I wish brides and grooms to be could see more honest and real photos like this on blogs and in magazines; it would remind them of what's important. Whilst I think our Instagram and Facebook pages are filled with the prettiest of weddings, I'm going to make sure I share a lot more photos like this too. I love the wedding industry but I think sometimes the message gets a little lost. Let's all remember and celebrate what a wedding day is really about: let's #sharethehonestlove." 

@MrsCaudery sums up my feelings exactly. I love the extravagant brides wearing Vivienne Westwood Couture to their three day wedding on a far away party island, and I feel privileged to meet and work with these women, they take you to new realms of dreamlike possibilities.. but the brides I connect with and remember most fondly, are the brides who rush into the fitting room as they just realised their wedding day is on the weekend, they only decided to get married a month ago, it's 5pm, they need to sort out a wedding outfit AND get to Waitrose before it closes.

Yes that really happened; the client in question was probably my favourite! She got married locally in Islington and wore navy flared trousers, an ivory silk camisole by Julianne with a delicate butterfly bolero by Steph Aman draped around her shoulders. Yes - two thirds of her outfit was bought at Tallulah Lingerie two days before the wedding AND she got to Waitrose in time. She was calm and her only specifications for her entire outfit was to make sure that she didn't look like she was going to the office; I told her there was nothing office like in the boudoir so we should get through this just fine. 

Her attitude towards the whole affair solidified for me what I would prioritise if I was to get married; two people tying the knot, telling each other that they're both willing to look after each other - officially - for the rest of their lives together. 
Now I have a reason, thanks to this fabulous new social media hashtag to promote this.
By all means, lets continue to do what we do, beautiful things are just that, beautiful.. I would still love a flower meadow hanging vertically from the ceiling of my wedding venue (reference to yesterdays post) however, if I end up in a random place wearing a pair of jeans I don't think I'd mind because it's 'us' that's important. 
Let's all up our efforts in the wedding industry to ensure we equally flood our social media with the gorgeous heartfelt images like the one featured above.