Thursday, 26 January 2017

Bonjour new lingerie...

I love the inescapable signature style of Chantal Thomass - the feminine/masculine throughout her collections. Her attention to detail always blows my mind, and this collection is no different, in this blog post I will introduce you and try to seduce you in to the boudoir with the new heartbreakingly gorgeous pale blush lace with black lace and satin ribbon details 'Tombeuse' collection.

Starting with the slightly padded balcony style, this is available in C and D cups. Just look at the lace, it makes my heart break a little, and the ribbon straps and the ribbon bow...

Then we have the unpadded plunge (the style I went for, but to be honest I could of gone for both!) The pale blush lace looks gorgeous on darker skin tones or pale skin, just so sexy. This style is available unto an E cup.

 And 2 choice of bottoms, both are actually really nice so I ended up with a pair of each.

Below is the thong, not too much of a thong more a brazilian so very comfortable to wear, (sorry for the wrinkle in the front- bad picture taking on my behalf)...

And the knicker is a super cute bikini brief with the black overlay lace detail on the front and ribbon bows subtle on the side so still very easy to wear. Totally and utterly gorgeous.

Leavers lace and satin bows.
Tulle lined bra for enhanced support.

I asked Marine what Tombeuse means and she replied "This name is perfect for this set Nicola, it is  "Heartbreaker", and boy is it a heartbreaker!

Then to go over the top I was thinking of going for this Only Hearts babydoll, what do you think?

It arrived with the Only Hearts delivery a couple of weeks back and is part of the ouvert
black tulle collection and is wonderful. It really sits well over the lingerie or as a piece on its own, a great gift idea if unsure of the receivers size too finished off with a pearl thong. 
As you can see below it is open in the 1960s style babydoll. I love the soft sheer polka dot tulle. Sizes are Small, Medium or Large.

Maybe an idea here for your Valentines Day present (sorry I had to mention it). Hope to see you on Cross Street very soon Lingerie Lovers.
Swing by the boudoir and let Tallulah chase your troubles away with some help from Chantal Thomass and Only Hearts.

See you soon,
T x

Monday, 9 January 2017

New Year, New You...

Happy New Year lingerie loves! Sorry in the lateness to wish you, but by now I'm sure you know I am not on top of everything or anything that has to do with technology. I would rather talk to people, what can I say? I'm a people's person! In fact for those of you that have not visited the boudoir did you know we do not even have a till or computer system, everything is lovingly hand written from our receipts, notes to customers to the stock records and our customer files. And the way we price up our collections for the shop floor is no normal way either, but that you will have to see for yourself.

Talking customer files, please do soon swing by to have your fitting and we can update your customer file details, and if you are yet to have left your details with us then please also find the time to pop in for a fitting and we can start your Tallulah experience (and lingerie addiction)- it doesn't take long. If you knew the amount of ladies still in this day and age wearing the wrong bra size, Trinny, Susannah or Gok didn't get to them! Its not just about bra size but its a great opportunity to try different shape bras for different outfits. Feel free to bring along to your bra fitting any particular clothing that you need under-garments for too.
Once your file is filled out and we have on record your size and shapes that suit you and even the ones that really do not, we can let you know when similar collections have arrived that we think you will be needing, plus if anyone would like to buy you a lingerie treat at any point we always have your details ready to help them choose your perfect size and style.

This week we have welcomed a new designer to Tallulah called 'Only Hearts'. With its beautiful tulle, lace and frills and cheeky open cup bralettes and crotchless panties it is a real fun collection. Below is a little sneak peek...

This is the midnight collection. With is navy lace and cheeky open cup bralette and completely open panties it is definitely going to be a hot seller!

Very cheeky, right?!?!

Then we have the Tallulah purple tulle and frill set. This set is more cute than the other as the frills are the attraction and not an open cup or crotch. And this colour 'mmmmmmmm', I mean, its gorgeous.

The frills sit perfectly on top of the cup

and sexily over ones derriere.

I love it!

Then I have the classic black ouvert knickers to show you, now these do have a matching bra but you will have to have a look on Instagram for this, I posted it a few days ago. Also a babydoll which I think goes well with the knickers if you are not a bralette type of person (although I have to say that they are not always so flattering on me- but these 3 bralettes do work) But the babydoll is a classic shape and cupped with an open front, hence the knickers working well- wink wink.

Easy access or what. Super sexy in a very classy way indeed. The softest sheer tulle with delicate polka dots.
Thank you Only Hearts for such a sexy and beautiful collection all rolled into one.

More pieces from the collection are available in store, delicate lace camisole and frenchies in the most beautiful mink lace.

Please do not forget we have gone back to closing on Mondays until Spring, of course if this is the only day you can make it in then please do not hesitate to get in touch, I can always come in for you.

Here's to a fantastic, fun, lingerie filled and love filled year ahead.

Thank you for reading,
Lots of Lingerie love to you,
T xx