Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween

Tallulah girls love Halloween; why miss a chance to get dressed up! 

Our shop window is particularly festive and fitting with the dark themed weekend ahead. Lingerie in deep greens, royal purples' and luxurious black look beautiful all draped next to one another.. 

I hope our Halloween mood board can help you out in your last minute search for that fabulous Halloween theme you've been racking your brains over. All things deep colours, make up and masks work every time! 
Here are a few pieces from our display that would look divine as an extension of your festive spirit underneath that brilliant costume. It'll leave you feeling fantastic when your ready to slip out of your outwear layers.

From Left to Right: Benmark - Dominique Smooth Basque in Black, Stella McCartney - Giselle Charming Unpadded Bra and Playful Promises Knickers in Black and Purple 

Benmark Full Body Lace Basque in Black 

From Left to Right: Emmy London Shoes in Black, Paul Seville Leather Handcuffs and Waspie 

From Left to Right: Andres Sarda Unpadded Bra, Soft Bra and Thong, Shell Belle Couture Divine Gown in Black, Jayley Kimono Jacket in Black and Marjolaine Silk Slip and Robe in Olive Green 
Stella McCartney Giselle Charming Padded Bra and Knickers 
Stella McCartney Scarlett Weaving Body 
Rotten Roach T-Shirt (Not Stocked at Tallulah Lingerie) 

Tallulah Lingerie wishes you a ghoulish and safe weekend. Sleep tight, I bite!