Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Fashion Florals.

I'm always looking out for the latest and greatest ideas across all things luxury; perfumes, fashion, jewellery and all things bridal! 

Tallulah Lingerie always has a sprinkling of fresh flowers in the boutique; where ever we go we always Instagram and Tweet pictures of other people's blooms.. Who doesn't love a beautiful flower display? 

Artist Rebecca Louise Law, uses all types of flowers to create large scale exhibitions and sit specific pieces taking displaying fresh flowers to a whole new and extravagant level. She's brought the luxury of fresh flowers and creativity to enhance indoor architecture at dinners, galleries, museums and events and also to some of our favourite fashion designers campaigns. 

The Flower Garden Display'd 2014

This installation was commissioned by the the London Garden Museum (yes.. there is one of those). It includes 4,600 blooms to make up this floating meadow.

I love the reds, oranges and purples featured in the beautiful floating meadow, although I'm missing the floral brights from London summertime I'm becoming a huge fan of the autumnal colours popping up around the city and this installation reminds me of that. 

Dahlia 2003
Prometheus 2012

Valentines 2012 (Tom Hartford Copyright)

Dahlia 2003 is one of Rebecca's earlier floral art works which I found when looking through her installation archive on her website, these are the summer brights I'm missing! The pink hues mixed with the shadowing of this image is gorgeous.. 
Lillies and Roses are always in fierce competition when I'm asked when my favourite flower is so I'm obsessed with this installations from the offset. 
How perfect would this be as a feature at a wedding, it would be a backdrop for stunning images that no one would be able to forget! Beautiful flowers are such a luxurious focal point. 

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2013

Personally, I would want walk through a venue filled with vertically hanging peonies, roses, ranunculus, liatris, gloriosa lilies, delphiniums, lisianthus, sunflowers, celosia and cymbidium orchids for my wedding or engagement (hint, hint..) 
Rebecca's interactive installation of drying flowers for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2013 is basically what dreams are made of, and if the images aren't amazing enough just imagine the scent as you wade through!

For our Tallulah brides who are in the process of planning our Spring/Summer 2015 weddings, you thank me later for this fabulous idea! Take a look at more of Rebecca's amazing work on her website - Even if your not planning an event any time soon isn't it nice to be surrounded by beautiful things?! I think so...