Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Take me to Emerald city.

You may remember quite a few weeks back I introduced you to Andres Sarda, the fabulous lingerie designer from Barcelona.. Tallulah Lingerie's new crush! 

Well the on going love affair just kept blossoming with the Purple and Black Polka Dot Set I sent out rave reviews for last time, and now a new set has arrived at the boudoir. Believe it or not, I might actually like this even MORE!

How is so much gorgeous-ness from one collection possible, everything about it is perfect and so luxurious! 
We have the bra in all three shapes, including a padded plunge, an unpadded half cup and a wire free soft cup. 
The padded plunge creates an amazing neckline beneath almost any layer draped over the top as well as being super sexy once that layer comes off. 

The unpadded half cup has underwire that comes up slightly higher than a plunge shape, this detail is not only beautiful but creates a fantastic half cup shape that's really supportive. The lace is sheer but not flimsy. Personally, I would usually steer clear of half cups when choosing lingerie to go beneath these types of clothes but this I would wear underneath a t-shirt or any material prone to clinging. 

I'm not a fan of wearing a soft cup during the day, nor am I a fan of suggesting other women do so, I don't think there's any reason for it; if your bra fits correctly then your bra wearing should be a lovely experience all day long, day after day. I don't understand this urge that women discuss endlessly, to rip your bra off at the end of the day because it's uncomfortable... Unless someone else is doing the tearing off, then that's absolutely fine!! 
Anyway.. the soft cup is a really luxurious option for women who like to wear a bra at night. Obviously when your rolling around under the covers a wire can be a little uncomfortable so a few beautiful wisps of green lace ticks the boxes for night time bra wearers. 

The knickers come in traditional styles; a knicker and a thong. The structure of both are fantastic, not a 'VPL' in sight. They too have the gorgeous fuchsia pink detailing over the deep green lace. 
The set is so different to everything else so it stands out a mile hanging in the boudoir even amongst all the other vibrant colours - it's unique details and luxury quality make it one of those lingerie sets you HAVE to have. As Nicola said when she treated herself to hers, "Now I think my life is complete.." 

If that's not a testimonial with a bit of weight behind it I don't know what is.. You really need to see this for yourself, although this is your warning - You won't take it off!