Saturday, 21 November 2015

The Birthday Girl!

Apologies lingerie lovers, but Tallulah is totally and utterly milking this birthday! I have received so many wonderful messages from amazing customers, lots and lots of Happy Birthday messages have been sent, here are a few...

"Happy Birthday and well done to a successful dream".

"Happy Birthday. massive congrats and huge admiration for you following that dream".

"Happy Birthday. In Jewish calendar you're having a Bat Mitzvah and made it from childhood to womanhood".

"CONGRATS on your birthday, keep up the amazing work!".

"Happy Birthday, here is to the next 12 years!".

Thank you all for taking the time to send Birthday wishes!

So this weekend the online boutique  is having a 'FLASH SALE' to celebrate too, shop any of our Christine silk gowns, Pearl thongs, bras and bodies or Silk devore kimonos and shop with a special 12% off discount.
Enter 12BDAY at the check out.
-Happy Shopping-

It's funny, I'm trying to think what I would be doing if Tallulah didn't exist, and I honestly have no idea. I never set out in the lingerie world, but had always loved it way before Tallulah was even a sparkle in my eye. I feel incredibly lucky, happy and privileged to be where I am and have what I have today and able to follow my dream. It has been hard but worth every tear, sound of laughter and love over the years.

I am very proud of Tallulah, but it wouldn't be so great if it were not for you, Tallulah's wonderfully sexy (and practical) customers.
Thank You.
Tallulah xx

Cheers x

Saturday, 14 November 2015

A Sad End to an amazing week...

As I write this blog post my heart is heavy and full of sadness for the horrid events that happened in Paris last night. This week has been full of fun, love and laughter for Tallulah and I planned to share with you the weeks events but before this, please 

image from United Nations.

Well let me begin with Thanking each and everyone of our wonderful customers that helped Tallulah celebrate her 12th year. To the customers that swung by the boudoir and others further a field that sent lots of birthday wishes, each and every ones love was felt. Sophia and I stayed late on the Friday night drinking, laughing and helping you ladies (not that our ladies need much help and encouragement when it comes to lingerie shopping!), then the fun continued in an even bigger fashion on Saturday. Flowers and cards were bought in, lots and I mean lots of bubbles were drunk and my heart was brimming with pride and love for Tallulah and for the support and encouragement I get regularly from so many of our Tallulah customers. Thank You so much, you know who you all are, every single one of you! I still can not believe it has been 12 Years. 

Then on to the next exciting event of the week, The book launch of 'Islington On A Plate' on Monday night . A few months back, very flatteringly I was asked to donate a recipe to a charity cookbook supporting Action Medical Research. The book is full of wonderful recipes and all are donated from Islington celebrities and long standing shop keepers- hence Tallulah being asked to help. It took a while for me to decide which recipe to donate, I love cooking, in fact it is another passion of mine, I didn't want to be too obvious or healthy so my recipe is something with sausages as I love to eat sausages (wink wink). Please help to support Action Medical Research, they are an amazing charity that funds research to combat diseases which devastate the lives of many babies and children. It relies entirely on public donations to do its important work. One can purchase this fab cookbook from Tallulah, doesn't cost much and every single penny is given to the charity.

I went along to the glamorous event with my glamorous friend Danielle. The book launch was held in Fredericks, a long standing family run restaurant in Camden Passage. I hadn't been there for a  while and had forgotten how glamorous it is (the word glamorous has been used a lot here, apologies but if you have been to Fredericks you would understand!). The last time I went was with Danielle for her birthday meal, and after Monday night we have promised to go back for drinks at the beautiful bar very soon. Seems like its the place I go with her, not a bad place really!
What was particularly wonderful was that the room was really rather filled up with Tallulah customers, the worst part is that I am absolutely terrible with names, but I do remember bra sizes, but this can be a little embarrassing sometimes as i can't say "Oh hi 32E, how are you?" hehe! Such a great evening and for such an amazing cause. Looking forward to seeing you a cookbook or 2. 

On to the final part of Tallulah's mad busy fun filled week, the awards. The Stars Underline Best Shop Awards are literally the Oscars/Emmys/Baftas every awards rolled into 1, and what makes them so special is that us shops can not nominate themselves unlike most awards in the retail sector. Each shop is nominated by people within the lingerie industry and it is a privilege to just be nominated  let alone to be a finalist. Tallulah was a finalist for the Best Concept Store, we are very lucky to have won this particular award before. 
The evening was held down on the Southbank in the Globe theatre. I went to see Sanchia in a play here earlier in the year, never knew about the hidden party venue- it was incredible, a twinkling fairy light and candle light up room, with a magical tree in the middle. Maria and I started the evening off with some nice cocktails before heading to walk up the red carpeted venue for the champagne reception. the dinner was delicious as was the conversations, oh and the people watching was just incredible...i can't say anymore on that!

I wore my favourite outfit at the moment everything can be bought in Tallulah and take the Underwear As Outerwear look very seriously. Marjolaine silk chiffon trimmed in lace topped with silk velvet and tassel's. 

I hope you have had a wonderful love and fun filled week too. 

Until next time, sending lots of lingerie love to you. T x

Monday, 2 November 2015

Happy Birthday Tallulah!

Why hello lingerie lovers...This week I am super excited to invite you into the boudoir to raise a glass or 2 to celebrate Tallulah's 12th Birthday.
To mark this rather super milestone, Tallulah is going to give you 12% discount off every purchase to thank you for your wonderful support over the last 12 years as well as a secret present for one lucky lady.

Pop into the boudoir, bring a friend or two and expect drinks, giggles and lovely lingerie:

Friday 6th November - 2-7pm
Saturday 7th November - 11-6pm

Looking forward to celebrating with you.

Love Tallulah x