Wednesday, 8 February 2017

February 14th...

Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is just day's away. I know this 'Day of love' divides many people. Who needs a day to say I love you with over priced flowers or eat chocolates on that 1 day, I mean who doesn't eat chocolate most days? or a treat of lingerie. Well with the first 2 I agree but come on any excuse to add to your lingerie collection needs to be embraced I say. So I love St Valentines (or Clinton Cards) for declaring an actual day with the perfect excuse to treat you both. 
Either send your partner in or as I do make yourself be the Valentines present with new silks and lingerie.

Floral printed lingerie and floral laced trimmed silks make the perfect Valentine's present, Flowers and lingerie in one! Then you can eat each other so you don't even need chocolates...
This Stella McCartney silk and cotton lace trimmed floral lingerie set pictured below is a great one;

Please partners, DO NOT be trashy. Us girls love silk, and the new Marjolaine is just perfect, either in blue (pictured above and below) and it matches perfect with the lingerie-

Or the pretty powder pink -

Both have a matching robe to finish the outfit plus both scream I LOVE YOU in a romantic loving way. Team is with a pearl thong if you want to be a little cheeky, every girl loves pearls.

Please note the lack of black lace in this post! Please do not be so obvious, subtle is more sexy.

Hope to see you or your lover over the next couple of days, we are opening on Monday as it is Valentines Eve Midday til 6.

If I don't see you, Happy Valentines Day xxx