Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Temptation to Twirl

Us Tallulah girls do get awfully excited by new things.. especially when they arrive at the boudoir. Along with the new season comes an influx of new colours and collections by our beloved designers which is always fantastic news for our clients who understand that when you find something perfect you have to have it in every colour! If it ain't broke don't fix it.. 

However, our Tallulah ladies are always noticeably enthusiastic when we welcome new designers to our treasure trove. A fine example of this is a designer called Jayley who we picked up at Top Draw at London Fashion Week.. 

Jayley Kimono's at Top Draw 

They're 20's inspired silk and beaded kimonos that come in a range of mouth watering pattern and colour combinations to suit the needs of every personal taste. I've had many conversations with women instantly drawn to them, and every single one struggled to choose a favourite! I think I change my mind every few minutes on which one I love the most. The array of colours and beaded tassels swim around your mind for days once you've tried a few on and done a twirl.. when faced with a potentially shimmering shadow and a 20's inspired draped silhouette every woman is at a hard push to resist the temptation to spin around in front of a full length mirror! 

In amongst an abundance of luxurious silk and lace, the Jayley pieces still manage to stand out. The delicate beading sprinkled over unique patterns brings a hint of tasteful sparkle to the boutique and our Autumn/Winter wardrobes.

As with all things, I love versatility, I feel like I've found a hidden gem when a piece works draped over a silk chemise at home, over jeans and a t-shirt during the day or over a little black dress for the evening.. Jayley's pieces are just that! 
When I turned Tallulah's fitting room into a styling play ground with one of my favourite Tallulah ladies last weekend we came up with many different combinations of slips, chemise' and camisoles that would work beneath a shorter version of the Jayley kimono photographed below. 
What we found works really well is pairing the kimono with different coloured silk under pieces to accentuate the colours in the kimono outer layer.. it's a difficult choice of which one to wear that evening when everything from creamy nudes to a pop of blue looks divine! 

The Jayley kimono's come in two styles; a longer length which I think is more suited to wearing over a chemise around the house, and a shorter length which suits being worn as an outer layer over a camisole. 
With Autumn bringing a chill to the air I'm always looking for an extra layer, mainly to cover my bare arms when wearing t-shirts and dresses in the evenings. There's nothing worse than carrying around a cashmere cardigan that doesn't really add to what your wearing, you just threw on underneath your jacket for extra warmth. When using my shorter length kimono as an outer layer it adds a unique, vintage feel to whatever my outfit maybe, it's such a beautiful statement piece I keep it draped around my shoulders all evening, no need to throw this one in the cloakroom!

Keep your eye on What Tallulah Did, as everyday this weekend I'll be bring you all that is new at Tallulah Lingerie for A/W14. 

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