Thursday, 31 July 2014

Twinkle, twinkle..

Today is about to get sparkly.. 

These little additions glisten on our display's at Tallulah Lingerie.. It's our nipple tassels and pasties. 

A sparkling array of our glistening pasties  

First things first - what's the difference between pasties and nipple tassels

Pasties is a term that originated in the US which refers to the cone part only. 

Nipple tassels is a term commonly used in a literal way, meaning the pasties have tassels attached to them. 

It's easier to understand in terms of burlesque. A burlesque artist is likely to have several pairs of pasties but a singular pair of tassels that can be added onto any pair of pasties. 

The confusion comes into play when we venture over to our side of the pond in the UK. As usual, American terms have gotten a little skewed and we refer everything, tassels or no tassels as 'nipple tassels'. 

I hope that's cleared that up for everyone.. Let's move along! 


Not only are Tallulah's selection of bridal nipple tassels and pasties just dreamy but can also be quite a practical solution for taking your underwear look from day to night. Hear me out.. 

You have your strapless, backless and whatever gorgeously unpractical elements you have going on, on your amazing one of a kind wedding dress. Wearing a bra is out of the question. 

An easy solution, your dressmaker will sew cups into the dress and your away to go. 
Your next problem is that you don't want to change your underwear for the evening. The plan is that the dress comes straight off and your ready for all the activities your wedding evening has to offer.. 

Sexy knickers are easy to wear under the dress all day - their are some amazing options that cater for even the most figure hugging of dresses. 
You can't neglect the top half so why not stick some of these pasties over your nipples? 
He thinks your not wearing a bra, the dress comes off and there are two sparkly surprises underneath.. Cheeky! 

Perfect pastie and knicker combination for your wedding night..
Victoria Raving Knickers in Ivory by Stella McCartney |

These gorgeous black, red and black and mink hearts can be worn on any occasion. Whether it be a surprise for a night in, a special occasion or just for fun. The crystal details on the tassels are to die for!

Red Heart Pastie

I'm all about underwear as outerwear.. And maybe this is a step too far..
I'm not suggesting you wear this look to work it's definitely more of an costume idea or maybe a festival look.. 

Why not wear these cute red heart pasties under a something made entirely of lace or something that's on the sheer side? 
I know that made you gasp in horror, but I think it's quite fun and I'm sure you'll think about it again later today and agree... 

May you have sparkling day dreams all day long, my treat.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Tallulah loves.. Silks

In Tallulah's treasure trove of glistening luxury and indulgence we can't think of anything better than good quality silk. 

For those of you who have visited Tallulah will be familiar with the dreamy silks I'm referencing. For those who haven't, don't fear, I'm at hand to share some of my favourite (and most practical) silks with you. 

There's a silk for every occasion, whether it be your usual evening attire whilst dusting the chandeliers, a sexy surprise on a special occasion, to be wrapped in whilst getting pampered on the morning of your wedding day or in the form of a  camisole to wear with your favourite jeans and heels for dinner.. The list really is endless! 

What I'm getting at is.. Silk is alway appropriate! 

Samantha Slips and Camisoles in Ivory, Nude and Black by Julianne |

Back of Samantha Slips in Black, Ivory and Nude by Julianne |

Julianne produce my favourite silks regarding foundation pieces and versatility. 
They are beautifully cut to flatter any body shape and the soft V- neckline compliments almost any bra size. 

In terms of loungewear they can be worn at anytime of the year, transitioning from summer to winter could be as simple as swapping a black slip for an ivory slip. 

As foundation pieces these slips disappear, whilst working their magic, under all of my favourite dresses. Whether the dress is too sheer, too plunging, too short or it's just a little chilly outside the Julianne Samantha slip is the foundation piece I turn too. 

Making a cheeky reference to my weekend post, Underwear as Outerwear, Julianne slips are the perfect silks to wear beneath other slips. 
If your feeling daring why not rock a black Julianne as outerwear.. The possibilities are endless! 

Samantha Camisoles in Ivory, Nude and Black by Julianne |

A closer look at the Samantha Camisole in Nude and Ivory by Julianne |

Samantha Camisole detail in Black by Julianne |

Just to make life that little bit better, Julianne also produce the Samantha in camisoles! 

Not only do you get the most wonderful foundation pieces, you also get choice. Julianne has a foundation silk in any length you'll ever require. 

P.S A little silk camisole paired with your most flattering jeans and heels is one of my favourite summer evening looks. You really can't go wrong!  

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Unconventional yet t-shirt appropriate.

After a few super hot weeks at Tallulah I can't recall a time were I've required so many 't-shirt bras'. 
I'm constantly hunting for bras that I can pull off underneath tops made from flimsy, summer appropriate fabrics!

It's these extreme conditions which have forced me to become experimental and rather adventurous with the combinations I create. 

I'm going to share with you my all time favourite, unconventional 't-shirt appropriate' lingerie set by Chantal Thomass. 

Prepare yourselves - How you perceive t-shirt bras will be blown out of the water! 

Capricieuse Unpadded Bra, Suspender Belt and Thong in Pink Panther 

Capricieuse Padded Plunge Bra and Briefs in Pink Panther 

Capricieuse Unpadded Bra in Pink Panther 

Capricieuse Padded Bra, ruffle detail 

Capricieuse Briefs in Pink Panther, ruffle and ruching detail

Capricieuse Suspender Belt and Thong in Pink Panther

Capricieuse Unpadded Bra, sheer and ruffle detail 

Capricieuse in Pink Panther by Chantal Thomass |

This dreamy set is a collection called Capricieuse by Chantal Thomass. 
It's the second time Tallulah has stocked this collection after falling in love with it in for the first time in the sweet coral colour pictured below. 

Capricieuse Unpadded Bra in Sweet Coral 

Capricieuse Padded Plunge Bra in Sweet Coral 

Capricieuse Suspender Belt in Sweet Coral 

Capricieuse Unpadded Bra and Briefs in Sweet Coral by Chantal Thomass |

If you were asked to pick out a 't-shirt bra' this is probably the one you would dismiss first but it works, and this is why.. 

Number One: When wearing clothing made from lighter fabrics that hang rather than hug the body the shape your bra creates is more crucial than ever. 
Capricieuse by Chantal Thomass creates a flawless shape. 
The unpadded bra creates a gorge natural looking shape and the padded plunge does exactly what it says on the tin and does a damn good job of it. 

Number Two: I know what your thinking, "is she mad, has she seen those ruffles?!". 
Yes, yes I have. And they really work! Their so soft and well structured that they melt away under most fabrics, I can't get over the genius of it. 

AND, if you decide you want to show off your ruffles as a cheeky detail you can! Who said t-shirt bras had to be boring?!

See you tomorrow for some dreamy foundation slips as promised!  

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Chase Me..

What Tallulah Did has now been running for a week so it calls for a celebratory blog post.. 

And what better way to celebrate than a post to share with you one of my favourite lingerie sets to be chased around the boudoir in! 

Unpadded bra, suspender belt and thong from Solero - Damaris by Mimi Holliday |

This gorgeous collection arrived on our door step just this week from Mimi Holliday. It was a box filled to the brim with champagne lace and peach silk satin - very appropriate for the sunshine we've been having. 

Peep hole detail on thong |

Sheer lace unpadded bra |

Bow detail on suspender belt | 

Soft sheer lace in this champagne colour is one to flatter any skin tone. The dreamy little details make this set super sexy. 

The collection also has the most gorge moulded bra, knickers and even high waisted lace knickers with peach ribbon in a corset detail on the back. 
Shapes to hug and accetuate every figure in all the right places. 

I love that this set is super sexy but also wearable as a nude bra, one that is always useful to have in the lingerie draw! 

This collection is now available at Tallulah Lingerie. 
Sunday's are definitely the day for frolicking around the bedroom! 

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Underwear as Outerwear

For those of you utilise your weekends to wear a fabulous mix of your favourite clothes.. 
Those of you who are lucky enough to do this everyday of the week.. Here's some weekend inspiration to roll over into Monday and beyond! 

At Tallulah we have the most dreamy slips of every nature. Whether it be short, long, a foundation piece or something to be chased around the boudoir in, we have the most luxurious. 

I admit.. Some of them are for bedroom purposes only. A slip made entirely of vintage lace, a bit of ribbon and not much else wouldn't go much further than the bedroom door. 

Some of our slips are so beautiful that we ask the question, why wouldn't you wear them as outerwear? 
The reaction is usually, "Nooooooo, REALLY?" and the answer is always, "Definitely, Yes!" 

Here's how you wear your slip as outerwear AND take it from day to night. Don't say I'm not good to you. 

The Gatsby Slip by Shell Belle Couture |
Amour Push Up Bra and Tanga in Black and Mink by Simone Perele |
Classic Black Dr Martens |
Round lense sunglasses | Vintage 

The day time look - Shell Belle Couture brought back a 1920's pattern to produce this divine Gatsby slip. I would pair it with Dr Martens and some round lensed sunglasses, adding a touch of rock and roll. Alternatively some pretty sandals would be a great addition if it's super hot and your feeling girly. 

Simone Perele Amour Push Up Bra and Tanga in Black and Mink |

Amour by Simone Perele is the perfect underwear to disappear under this gorgeous slip. The beautiful detailing doesn't disturb the neckline of the Gatsby, creating a gorgeous shape. 

It's always nice to be able to wear pretty underwear even when it has a purpose to serve as a foundation piece. 
The lace overlay is so soft that lumps and bumps under delicate fabrics is a thing of the past.

If your feeling modest or just feeling the cold your favourite foundation slip can disappear underneath the Gatsby. Next week I'll be introducing Tallulah's dreamy versions of a foundation slip - get excited! 

'Sandy' shoes by Emmy London |
All other credits featured above 

The night time look - It's easy isn't it.. I would just kick of my Dr Marten's and slip into some of Emmy's Shoes. Let the gorgeous champagne, gold lace and glistening embellishments from you Sandys' do their work in turning you into a picture of elegance for your night time activities. 
With your Simone Perele Amour set still working it's magic there really is no need to do anything else! 

If you were having a chilly day time and decided to wear a foundation slip, maybe whip it off or exchange it for a shorter length. The sheer element of the gold lace makes the look a little more sexy.

I hope this inspires you to extend your mind to your slips when your asking yourself, 'What should I wear today..'
Enjoy the weekend sunshine, preferably with a gin & tonic! 

Friday, 25 July 2014

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday from Tallulah! 
To welcome in the weekend this is my treat to you.. It's day five and time to let you in on our favourite collection from the entirety of SwimShow 2014! 

Our favourite collection of SwimShow 2014 is: MISS MANDALAY 

Miss Mandalay's swimwear S/S 2015 collection was introduced to you yesterday as my favourite collection to represent the cut out trend. However, there's MORE.

Here at Tallulah we keep swooning over the look book again and again and I'm sure you can understand why! 

I'm going share with you my top five from the collection and share with you my reasoning.. I promise it'll be more than "because it's dreamy".. Even though it really is. 

Venom |

Venom is my favourite print of the collection. There's something super sexy about the girly pink and purple colours in a harder snakeskin! 

I love this as something thats a little bit different to your standard leopard and flower prints whilst still being super wearable. 

Los Angeles, Magenta |

Los Angeles in Magenta is my favourite colour from the collection. Miss Mandalay have got it spot in with this shade of pink - it isn't to far to the red side or fluorescent side which I often struggle with when buying pink tones.. it's just gorgeous! 

Zambia, Zebra Print |

You can also get your hands on Zambia in a blue zebra print as well as this gorgeous champagne pink.. how exciting! 

I have chosen Zambia, Zebra Print to showcase my favourite shape from S/S 2015, however, this shape runs throughout almost all of the collections. It's a trait of Miss Mandalay as a whole rather than only this collection (which is fabulous news!) 

When flicking through the S/S 2015 look book this image springs out again and again. Firstly the model is unbelievable gorge and secondly I think it's really clear to see how well this bikini is fitting her body - perfection! 

Bohemia |

Boudoir Beach, Ice White |

Here we have my ultimate favourites! It was suppose to be favourite, I tried really, really hard but I just couldn't narrow it down to only one. 

These two bikinis encompass everything I have previously mentioned above and everything I love about Miss Mandalay. Their flattering, wearable, fantastically fitted, classic and have gorge details to make you feel special and refreshed for S/S 2015! 

We've come to the end of my coverage of SwimShow 2014.. 
See you tomorrow for something to make your weekend fabulous xxx

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Day four of Tallulah loves swimwear 2015

It's another super sunny day on Cross Street and I couldn't ask for better weather to accompany our number one trend from SwimShow 2014! 

At number one is: CUT OUTS 

Here, at number one, we have the most versatile trend of all the four trends featured this week. Similarly to the bandeau trends of yesterday almost every collection at SwimShow 2014 featured a version of a cut out bikini or one piece. 

And why wouldn't they? It's a perfect way to select exactly what you want your swimwear to show and conceal. As simple as it sounds, concealing whilst still being slinky and sexy on the beach is a huge challenge.. 

Again, I have compiled my favourite pieces from three designers and their dreamy collections that are perfect examples of this trend and it's versatility. 

Dream Weaver collection by Gottex Cruise 2015 |

I adore this one piece by Gottex for many, many reasons. First let's talk about shape.. 

The even though the cut outs are on the tummy area, a problem area for most women, the positioning of the openings are perfection. It's so similar to a high waited silhouette which flatters almost every body type. 

As for the neckline, all I can say is - that plunge.... Dreamy! 

A fabulous detail I missed at first glance, which is a subtle slice of genius, is the ruching that appears on the edging of the swimsuit that comes into contact with the skin. This creates a softer transition leaving awkward 'digging in' behind. It's this attention to detail that takes a cut out to this level of flattering, leaving you feeling sexy and fabulous. 

The last element I can't get enough of is the weaving of the fabric. When any form of lycra sits flat on top of the body, no matter of the quality, it's becomes difficult to conceal any lumps and bumps lying underneath. 
This gorgeous weaving is so much more forgiving. Those few extra layers contoured into something this fabulous is golden to women of every shape. And we all agree, when we feel comfortable the confidence shows.. 


Lago Lindo, Natural Reserve 2015 collection by Aquaclara |

Designer Liliano Villalobos has really got me excited with these amazing pieces.. However, I do present you with a warning - these cut outs are not for the faint hearted and they are most definitely not the most practical for tanning on a white sandy beach. 

However, I just HAD to include them! They're super, super glamorous and great for showing off all of those sweaty hours in the gym! 

The embellishments on all three of these pieces are divine and whether it be a shimmering gold, classic black or Shanghai inspired print they add that extra sparkle in a luxurious kind of way. 

My advice - if your daring enough, there's never going to be a more appropriate time to flaunt it than summer 2015 dressed head to toe in Aquaclara! 

Los Angeles, Black collection
Bardot collection 

Los Angeles, Fluoro Yellow collection
Los Angeles, Magenta collection
           All four sets above by Miss Mandalay Swimwear S/S 2015 |

Miss Mandalay always delivers in a fabulous fit for a D - GG cup sizes. One look at the images for their Swimwear S/S 2015 look book you can see how flattering their shapes really are. 

This summer the range of colours and prints are fabulous - some of these pieces will hopefully be making an appearance in Tallulah ready for summer 2015 so keep your fingers and toes crossed, the order will be placed SOON. 

The majority of Miss Mandalay's collection included an style option featuring cut outs much like the ones in the images featured above, which we just love! 

Definitely a more subtle nod at the cut out trend, but such a sexy nod that is.. 
The sneaky flash of skin through the miniature cut outs takes this otherwise simple bikini to somewhere that's somewhat flirtatious... 
We love that at Tallulah. 

Miss Mandalay is by far my favourite example of this trend. It's encompasses everything we look for in swimwear - a fantastic fit, wearability, whilst still being super sexy! 

Tomorrow I'll be bringing you Tallulah's favourite collection from SwimShow 2014. 
Until then, enjoy the sunshine! 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Day three of Tallulah loves swimwear 2015

Welcome back.. we're at the mid point of our countdown, how exciting! 

After a dreamy night filled with plans to stock your swimwear draw to the brim with gorgeous repetitive prints by Rosa Faia, I'm here to bring you MORE. Get ready.. 

At number two is: THE BANDEAU 

Here we have it, one of the best solutions for achieving a 'no shoulder tan line beneath my fabulous summer dress' look. However with no straps comes great sculptural responsibilities! 

This year at Swimshow 2014 the majority of the collections have showcased their version of the bandeau, it's a shape we really couldn't ignore in our favourites countdown even with the images of previous strapless bikini disasters looming in the back of our minds.. 

I'm here to obliterate all of those disastrous memories from your minds! 
I've put together my ultimate favourites (which was really, REALLY difficult there was just so many) from three different designers who have achieved not only beautiful prints and shapes but sublime architectural elements with their representation of the bandeau. 

Island Hopping collection by Rosa Faia |,ROSAFAIA,Swimwear

The first is Rosa Faia - along with their fantastically sculpted shapes they've been super clever and added straps so you can have a multi look bikini or one piece. Following on the good news vibes from yesterday, pieces of this collection will also be making an appearance in Tallulah from February!

Black Swan collection by Gottex Cruise 2015 |
Neo Tribe collection by Gottex Cruise 2015 |

I fell in love with the entire look book from Gottex Cruise 2015, its really wasn't difficult to find some fabulous bandeau examples, the difficulty came in narrowing it down to these three. 

The black and white one piece from the Black Swan collection is to die for! The craftsmanship that has gone into the detailing on the cups and waistline is incredible.. 
However, be warned this is the most expensive collection they have this season! 

The Neo Tribe collection was also fabulous! The loud primary coloured print may not be for everyone but there's no denying that looking like Wonder Woman on the beach is always something I strive for and this print is definitely a huge step in the right direction! 

Also.. Gottex seem's to have fired up a love affair with waist belts on swimwear at Tallulah - we can't get enough of them! 

Lago Lindo, Natural Reserve 2015 collection by Aquaclara

Last but by no means least, are these gorgeous bandeau bikinis from Aquaclara by Liliano Villalobos. Not only are they incredibly well made and structured but the prints and detailing (especially the embellishments on the high waisted set) are exquisite, the images really don't do them justice! 
Their look book is generally beautiful, I mean just look at the model, these pieces are really all you need to add a touch of glamour to your bandeau look. 

I'll be unveiling our number one trend tomorrow - don't miss it! xx