Friday, 28 September 2018

Stepping into fall in Silk & Velvet 💕

With Autumn around the corner, The Boudoir has been graced with beautiful new collections.
And as the weather cools down and leaves turn red, we feel in need of luxurious fabrics and cosy robes.

Nothing better to treat yourself than pretty silks and lush velvet robes✨

Marjolaine's fall line is a showstopper. With a colour palette of deep teal, copper, lipstick red, mascara black and champagne lace, these silks are utterly gorgeous!

 The perfect balance between naughty and nice this slip has the aura of old school Janet Reger with a sexy laced low back, the romantic ruffled hem and the silk covered buttons. 
It always lies in the details with Marjolaine's designs.

Teal silk satin and terracotta lace, match made in heaven!
The new Egerie is a masterpiece, from the Leavers lace to the intricate needlework.
And how lovely would it be with the new wish!💜💜

Black silk and champagne lace Caprice.
This timeless piece has leavers lace features and amazing fit with a dramatic thigh-high slit on the side.
It comes also in the shorter length, and both styles have matching dressing gowns for the ultimate glamour look 💖

A winter staple in our wardrobe is the silk velvet dressing gown from Vivis.
It is warm, luxurious and unbelievably soft. This collection's beautiful colour palette offers steel grey, champagne and raspberry pink.

 And saving the best for last, as usual, meet this showstopper 💖
When one can't chose between  satin & velvet, (I mean we all need both in our lives, let's be honest)
Then comes in Marjolaine's heart stopping reversible dressing gown.
Yes, reversible, meaning two robes in one!
The elegant black velvet side is perfect to wear for a night out on the town, while the colourful silk print will look stunning on a cold winter morning.

Still unwrapping new collections as we speak, so plenty more to try in the Boudoir if you fancy a treat!

Lot's of lingerie love xx  T 💜