Monday, 20 October 2014

Casual Luxe.

Tallulah Lingerie is known for it's luxury selection of treasures, covering all things underwear. I often blog about different silks and lace goodies finding a place in the boudoir but Tallulah also brings an element of luxury to loungewear. 
I find loungewear the most difficult area to get spot on in my wardrobe.. Finding something luxurious to wear in the boudoir is easy in comparison. The difficultly comes with the fact that loungewear is appropriate from many situations that are all very different; finding something that ticks all the boxes is obviously going to take some fitting room research! 

Loungewear for me is something I wear on a pyjama day at home when I'm not feeling particularly sexy, I just want to be comfortable.. On this particular day I may want to put my hair in a top knot, drape a coat over my shoulders and pop out to grab a coffee, so my loungewear has to be able to be seen in public. 

This brings me onto my next point which is long haul flights, I mean, there's endless "out and about" photographs of celebrities at airports in their skinny jeans and heels, getting off a flight from London to LAX, claiming to have worn that outfit the entire way! Im sorry, but that cannot be comfortable.. Loungewear is my go to for these occasions; these pieces have big shoes to fill. 

Black Jersey Drape Robe by Donna Karan 

A robe like this stretch jersey drape version would work wonderfully for all of the occasions I mentioned above. It's not so full length or alternatively so short that it looks like a dressing gown; pair it with your favourite camisole and shortie set for snuggling on the sofa or over any casual attire for popping out. 

The key with loungewear is that it has to be effortlessly chic. Garments made from jersey and cotton often become shapeless and 'baggy', everyone has those jogging bottoms for journeys back and forth to the gym, lurking in their draws they know they should get rid of! 
This jersey is of such high quality that for something that's deemed very casual feels highly luxurious to the wearer. 

The same can be said about the other robe which is more of a knitted texture that we have from Donna Karen's loungewear collection.. Both these robe's are not only great for the obvious use of warmth at the change of the season but for long haul flight situations too. When a piece can pass as a gorgeous, comfy jacket or robe it's a top pick of mine for loungewear!

Jersey Gown's from the Donna Karen Sleepwear collection 
The gown's that we have at Tallulah are equally as beautiful. Much like the robes they are made from fabulous materials and are structured to drape the body in the most flattering way. On the hanger, I'll be honest, they look very simplistic compared to the other wonders around it.. But once I saw it on a body they come to life, proof that the only time you should rule something out is once you've tried it on. Garments are made for bodies, not hangers!  

At first glance, not everyone understands what I mean when I say it's possible to make these pieces, especially the jersey gowns work in situations that doesn't involve a sofa.. the robe's are easier to invasion as outerwear. However.. 

This is how I would make these gorgeous gowns work.. let's keep with the same scenario as a flight.. 
On my way to the airport in the UK I would wear one of these jersey robes with a pair of leather chelsea boots, my favourite high neck wool jumper, a wide brimmed fedora hat and maybe a pair of Velvet De Luxe 66 Wolford tights - depending on how chilly it was! 

On arriving at my destination, I would pop all my winter warmers into my weekend hold all, swap my boots for some comfortable wedges or platforms and I would replace my top layers with a Jayley 20's style kimono jacket. 

Viola - Easy peasy! 
But between you and I, Donna Karen Lounge wear is not going to be making an appearance after this season as it's being discontinued; get down to Tallulah Lingerie to stock up on these beautiful pieces.. It's good to have friends in the know.