Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Tallulah loves.. Silks

In Tallulah's treasure trove of glistening luxury and indulgence we can't think of anything better than good quality silk. 

For those of you who have visited Tallulah will be familiar with the dreamy silks I'm referencing. For those who haven't, don't fear, I'm at hand to share some of my favourite (and most practical) silks with you. 

There's a silk for every occasion, whether it be your usual evening attire whilst dusting the chandeliers, a sexy surprise on a special occasion, to be wrapped in whilst getting pampered on the morning of your wedding day or in the form of a  camisole to wear with your favourite jeans and heels for dinner.. The list really is endless! 

What I'm getting at is.. Silk is alway appropriate! 

Samantha Slips and Camisoles in Ivory, Nude and Black by Julianne |

Back of Samantha Slips in Black, Ivory and Nude by Julianne |

Julianne produce my favourite silks regarding foundation pieces and versatility. 
They are beautifully cut to flatter any body shape and the soft V- neckline compliments almost any bra size. 

In terms of loungewear they can be worn at anytime of the year, transitioning from summer to winter could be as simple as swapping a black slip for an ivory slip. 

As foundation pieces these slips disappear, whilst working their magic, under all of my favourite dresses. Whether the dress is too sheer, too plunging, too short or it's just a little chilly outside the Julianne Samantha slip is the foundation piece I turn too. 

Making a cheeky reference to my weekend post, Underwear as Outerwear, Julianne slips are the perfect silks to wear beneath other slips. 
If your feeling daring why not rock a black Julianne as outerwear.. The possibilities are endless! 

Samantha Camisoles in Ivory, Nude and Black by Julianne |

A closer look at the Samantha Camisole in Nude and Ivory by Julianne |

Samantha Camisole detail in Black by Julianne |

Just to make life that little bit better, Julianne also produce the Samantha in camisoles! 

Not only do you get the most wonderful foundation pieces, you also get choice. Julianne has a foundation silk in any length you'll ever require. 

P.S A little silk camisole paired with your most flattering jeans and heels is one of my favourite summer evening looks. You really can't go wrong!