Thursday, 24 July 2014

Day four of Tallulah loves swimwear 2015

It's another super sunny day on Cross Street and I couldn't ask for better weather to accompany our number one trend from SwimShow 2014! 

At number one is: CUT OUTS 

Here, at number one, we have the most versatile trend of all the four trends featured this week. Similarly to the bandeau trends of yesterday almost every collection at SwimShow 2014 featured a version of a cut out bikini or one piece. 

And why wouldn't they? It's a perfect way to select exactly what you want your swimwear to show and conceal. As simple as it sounds, concealing whilst still being slinky and sexy on the beach is a huge challenge.. 

Again, I have compiled my favourite pieces from three designers and their dreamy collections that are perfect examples of this trend and it's versatility. 

Dream Weaver collection by Gottex Cruise 2015 |

I adore this one piece by Gottex for many, many reasons. First let's talk about shape.. 

The even though the cut outs are on the tummy area, a problem area for most women, the positioning of the openings are perfection. It's so similar to a high waited silhouette which flatters almost every body type. 

As for the neckline, all I can say is - that plunge.... Dreamy! 

A fabulous detail I missed at first glance, which is a subtle slice of genius, is the ruching that appears on the edging of the swimsuit that comes into contact with the skin. This creates a softer transition leaving awkward 'digging in' behind. It's this attention to detail that takes a cut out to this level of flattering, leaving you feeling sexy and fabulous. 

The last element I can't get enough of is the weaving of the fabric. When any form of lycra sits flat on top of the body, no matter of the quality, it's becomes difficult to conceal any lumps and bumps lying underneath. 
This gorgeous weaving is so much more forgiving. Those few extra layers contoured into something this fabulous is golden to women of every shape. And we all agree, when we feel comfortable the confidence shows.. 


Lago Lindo, Natural Reserve 2015 collection by Aquaclara |

Designer Liliano Villalobos has really got me excited with these amazing pieces.. However, I do present you with a warning - these cut outs are not for the faint hearted and they are most definitely not the most practical for tanning on a white sandy beach. 

However, I just HAD to include them! They're super, super glamorous and great for showing off all of those sweaty hours in the gym! 

The embellishments on all three of these pieces are divine and whether it be a shimmering gold, classic black or Shanghai inspired print they add that extra sparkle in a luxurious kind of way. 

My advice - if your daring enough, there's never going to be a more appropriate time to flaunt it than summer 2015 dressed head to toe in Aquaclara! 

Los Angeles, Black collection
Bardot collection 

Los Angeles, Fluoro Yellow collection
Los Angeles, Magenta collection
           All four sets above by Miss Mandalay Swimwear S/S 2015 |

Miss Mandalay always delivers in a fabulous fit for a D - GG cup sizes. One look at the images for their Swimwear S/S 2015 look book you can see how flattering their shapes really are. 

This summer the range of colours and prints are fabulous - some of these pieces will hopefully be making an appearance in Tallulah ready for summer 2015 so keep your fingers and toes crossed, the order will be placed SOON. 

The majority of Miss Mandalay's collection included an style option featuring cut outs much like the ones in the images featured above, which we just love! 

Definitely a more subtle nod at the cut out trend, but such a sexy nod that is.. 
The sneaky flash of skin through the miniature cut outs takes this otherwise simple bikini to somewhere that's somewhat flirtatious... 
We love that at Tallulah. 

Miss Mandalay is by far my favourite example of this trend. It's encompasses everything we look for in swimwear - a fantastic fit, wearability, whilst still being super sexy! 

Tomorrow I'll be bringing you Tallulah's favourite collection from SwimShow 2014. 
Until then, enjoy the sunshine!