Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Unconventional yet t-shirt appropriate.

After a few super hot weeks at Tallulah I can't recall a time were I've required so many 't-shirt bras'. 
I'm constantly hunting for bras that I can pull off underneath tops made from flimsy, summer appropriate fabrics!

It's these extreme conditions which have forced me to become experimental and rather adventurous with the combinations I create. 

I'm going to share with you my all time favourite, unconventional 't-shirt appropriate' lingerie set by Chantal Thomass. 

Prepare yourselves - How you perceive t-shirt bras will be blown out of the water! 

Capricieuse Unpadded Bra, Suspender Belt and Thong in Pink Panther 

Capricieuse Padded Plunge Bra and Briefs in Pink Panther 

Capricieuse Unpadded Bra in Pink Panther 

Capricieuse Padded Bra, ruffle detail 

Capricieuse Briefs in Pink Panther, ruffle and ruching detail

Capricieuse Suspender Belt and Thong in Pink Panther

Capricieuse Unpadded Bra, sheer and ruffle detail 

Capricieuse in Pink Panther by Chantal Thomass | http://www.chantalthomass.fr/?lang=en

This dreamy set is a collection called Capricieuse by Chantal Thomass. 
It's the second time Tallulah has stocked this collection after falling in love with it in for the first time in the sweet coral colour pictured below. 

Capricieuse Unpadded Bra in Sweet Coral 

Capricieuse Padded Plunge Bra in Sweet Coral 

Capricieuse Suspender Belt in Sweet Coral 

Capricieuse Unpadded Bra and Briefs in Sweet Coral by Chantal Thomass | http://www.chantalthomass.fr/?lang=en

If you were asked to pick out a 't-shirt bra' this is probably the one you would dismiss first but it works, and this is why.. 

Number One: When wearing clothing made from lighter fabrics that hang rather than hug the body the shape your bra creates is more crucial than ever. 
Capricieuse by Chantal Thomass creates a flawless shape. 
The unpadded bra creates a gorge natural looking shape and the padded plunge does exactly what it says on the tin and does a damn good job of it. 

Number Two: I know what your thinking, "is she mad, has she seen those ruffles?!". 
Yes, yes I have. And they really work! Their so soft and well structured that they melt away under most fabrics, I can't get over the genius of it. 

AND, if you decide you want to show off your ruffles as a cheeky detail you can! Who said t-shirt bras had to be boring?!

See you tomorrow for some dreamy foundation slips as promised!  

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