Thursday, 31 July 2014

Twinkle, twinkle..

Today is about to get sparkly.. 

These little additions glisten on our display's at Tallulah Lingerie.. It's our nipple tassels and pasties. 

A sparkling array of our glistening pasties  

First things first - what's the difference between pasties and nipple tassels

Pasties is a term that originated in the US which refers to the cone part only. 

Nipple tassels is a term commonly used in a literal way, meaning the pasties have tassels attached to them. 

It's easier to understand in terms of burlesque. A burlesque artist is likely to have several pairs of pasties but a singular pair of tassels that can be added onto any pair of pasties. 

The confusion comes into play when we venture over to our side of the pond in the UK. As usual, American terms have gotten a little skewed and we refer everything, tassels or no tassels as 'nipple tassels'. 

I hope that's cleared that up for everyone.. Let's move along! 


Not only are Tallulah's selection of bridal nipple tassels and pasties just dreamy but can also be quite a practical solution for taking your underwear look from day to night. Hear me out.. 

You have your strapless, backless and whatever gorgeously unpractical elements you have going on, on your amazing one of a kind wedding dress. Wearing a bra is out of the question. 

An easy solution, your dressmaker will sew cups into the dress and your away to go. 
Your next problem is that you don't want to change your underwear for the evening. The plan is that the dress comes straight off and your ready for all the activities your wedding evening has to offer.. 

Sexy knickers are easy to wear under the dress all day - their are some amazing options that cater for even the most figure hugging of dresses. 
You can't neglect the top half so why not stick some of these pasties over your nipples? 
He thinks your not wearing a bra, the dress comes off and there are two sparkly surprises underneath.. Cheeky! 

Perfect pastie and knicker combination for your wedding night..
Victoria Raving Knickers in Ivory by Stella McCartney |

These gorgeous black, red and black and mink hearts can be worn on any occasion. Whether it be a surprise for a night in, a special occasion or just for fun. The crystal details on the tassels are to die for!

Red Heart Pastie

I'm all about underwear as outerwear.. And maybe this is a step too far..
I'm not suggesting you wear this look to work it's definitely more of an costume idea or maybe a festival look.. 

Why not wear these cute red heart pasties under a something made entirely of lace or something that's on the sheer side? 
I know that made you gasp in horror, but I think it's quite fun and I'm sure you'll think about it again later today and agree... 

May you have sparkling day dreams all day long, my treat.

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