Thursday, 2 July 2015

Where words fail Music speaks...

As I write the sky is the colour of the Greek sea, and I'm listening to music that stirs and excites my soul and transports me back to our wonderful Greek holiday, I'm lounging on the beach in my Miss Mandalay bikini... Just hearing the base beats or the first 2 bars in a song can get my tears flowing, heart pumping and groin aching. Music can be thought provoking and emotional.

Music is a passion for some and a way of life just like lingerie is my passion and foot print in life- all passions have things in common and Music and Lingerie are no exception-

Listening to music well it;
1) can up lift (just like a well fitting bra) 
2) can make you moody (like an ill-fitting bra) 
3) can get you feeling horny (like an ouvert knicker does)

I'm very lucky to have someone very special in my life that is equally as passionate about music as I am Lingerie.
It really must be rather boring without a passion of some sort in ones life, or am I just being slightly judgmental there???
Through this certain someones passion for Music my heart and ears have been introduced to music I would never otherwise of heard, I will share and explain a little why I love them so, I warn you now, my taste is eclectic, I can't be that heavily influenced!

Music I like to decorate the boudoir with comes in the form of touching and soulful wonderful female voices like Nina Simone or Billie Holiday if I'm in the mood for some old school smoky jazz or for a more modern ardent voice it will be Alicia Keys. I went to see her at the Royal Albert Hall a couple of years ago, she was mesmerising, still get goose bumps when I think of her on the stage alone, just her piano and flickering candles to keep her company on the small intimate stage. It was an unforgettable and emotional experience, I even remember the beautiful Aubade underwear set I was wearing that night, no idea what was worn as my outerwear thou! If the gig was tonight I think I would properly wear this new set from Aubade-

Love listening to funky and warm Brazilian mambas on a busy Saturday bouncing through the boudoir, or some calming classical Bach. I love the Cello, penetrating and humming through my body, intruding my thoughts of mundane chores that haven't been finished that week- can be transported to a completely different place whilst listening on a quiet Sunday at home chilling, the silence being drowned out.

A little bit of the Isley brothers and 'For the love of you' just does it for me- makes me feel warm inside and smile instantly, and I have a safe feeling when I hear lines like "Love is real" and "living for the Love of you" This song is like slipping on a Christine of Vancouver Violet silk gown, lingerie is real as is love.

WARNING this is a controverial choice... Its Tweet "Smoking cigarettes' from her album back in 2002 called 'Southern Hummingbird'. Now I know its not right to think smoking is sexy, but come on sometimes (and only sometimes) it is!!! I know it has health risks, gives you bad breath and wrinkly skin, but there is something sexy in smoking- Remember James Dean?!?!?! Well think about being entangled in bed with your lover, all sweaty, hot, knackered then sharing that cigarette, no talking just listening to the beat, that slow and sexy hot beat with a tinkle of acoustic guitar delicately over the top.
Even Tweet sings that its not healthy to smoke cigarettes- she's craving her lover to help her quit, quit what though?
This song is the equivalent to leopard print and black lace together on a bra, really it shouldn't work (in my opinion) but actually it does. Not everyone likes the combo.......I do like this beauty from my beloved Chantal Thomass that arrived in the boudoir recently, as you can see, sometimes the 2 do work.

Have to have some Alicia Keys in my list, and if pushed I think I would say the track right up there for me is "No One" from her "As I Am" album from 2007 the absolute most- although that is a hard decision to come to and "Empire State of Mind" being a very close second, I'm yet to talk about my Passion for all things New York (will get to that some time).
A couple of the lines that stand out to me are;
"People keep talking they can say what they like, But all I know is everything's going to be alright"
"People search the world to find something like what we have, I know people will try to divide something so real".
I hear and feel a lot in these few words when sung, not everyone is nice in this world and unfortunately I have experienced quite a bit of this through out my life and this song just resonates for me, a definite "every things going to be alright". Apologies if I am getting too personal here, but thats what music does, its truthful and meaningful.

Alicia Keys is my Chantal Thomass; truthful, real and totally gorgeous!

One of my all time lift me up song is a 'Rare Groove' tune from the mid 70s - "Oops, Here I Go Again" sung by Edna Wright. Its a simple, warm, toe-tapping, feel-good, joyous song in a a way only the 1970s did. Its kicks off with the infectious "Oops" which is punctuated throughout this beautiful soulful song. Makes me want to sway around in one of my new great tassel kimonos that arrived last week teamed with my flares.

I would to love hear from you any reccommendations you think I should have wafting through my speakers and evoking my senses.

P.S I also LOVE to shake it off with a little Taylor Swift -wink wink!