Thursday, 9 July 2015

Tallulah is Open & Sometimes I Feel Blue…

It is a week away from Tallulah celebrating the launch of this very blog. Thank you so much each and every one of you for your continuous reading and support over the last year. I hope you have enjoyed the subjects covered and the insight to ‘What Tallulah Did’ and of course Love’s.
I have been getting more open (like the cheeky Lascivious ‘Kitty’ Lingerie set pictured below) and personal over the last few posts, I just feel its best to be open and honest in everything one does in life, from serving customers and finding their perfect undergarments to my feelings. In the boudoir, everyone at Tallulah is open, honest and understanding. Its very important to me that any new staff understand and appreciate this- they must always be honest with customers. We hear all sorts of stories, stories of laughter and of woe.  It’s a little like being with the therapist when in Tallulah and you're standing in the fitting room in some sort of sexy but every day outfit- one just opens up and it can all flood out.


Sometimes I feel Blue and that’s when the new Simone Perele ‘Amour’ lingerie set comes in handy. This collection has been a top seller in the boudoir over the last few years. We have had some great colours, but to be honest, I think this is my absolute favourite. Originally the deep charcoal that is a continuous colour option was, but this has taken over big time! I love the dark navy base with the soft cornflower blue overlay of floral lace. Both the padded plunge and the sheer lace half cup are great fits and really do give a great shape depending on what the wearer prefers. Simone Perele very kindly sent me and the other Tallulah girls an Amour set each last year so we all know the great fit this collection has to offer and how wonderful it is to wear it. Wearing this beautiful blue amour set for the day makes feeling blue not so bad after all. Today is a blue day for me, didn’t start like that, but I just received some sad news whilst typing this blog. Think I need to go change my underwear. Here it is pictured below...

Flowers are always nice to receive, and lucky for me, some were delivered to Tallulah this week- Don’t you just love the delicate scent of Peonies and Freesias? These scents always remind me of sitting in a pretty English garden that is being warmed up by the sun blazing in the blue sky. Love the different shades of pinks, lilacs and blues too. This really was a great bouquet- Thank You (you know who you are!) 

So Tube Strike Thursday is in full swing and I'm off to get changed in to my Blue 'Amour' set. 
Good Luck Londoners travelling home tonight, if you are with someone look after each other, if you are alone look out for others, be honest with one another. Life is precious, surround yourself in people who love, respect, and support you-Just like well fitting beautiful lingerie should!
Hope to see you in the boudoir soon so you can be introduced in person to the beautiful new collections arrived this week. 

T x

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