Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Festival ready...

For those of you who are off to Glastonbury this weekend for some fun and mud wrestling, Good Luck! As much as I love the idea of going along- 1) i really do not do camping, no not even glamping it really is not me and 2) what if I do not like all the music going on- lets face it and if I'm honest I often have not heard of half the acts on some of the stages...
I like the idea of living a simple and chilled life for the weekend, lots of love flowing- or am I thinking of going to festival back in the 60s when there really was lots of love going around (along with lots of other things)!

 By some miracle if Glasto did manage to entice me, for sure I would be taking the festival uniform of my beloved kimono, denim cut offs and white 'delicate' Hanro vest.


And of course i would have flowers in my hair- maybe a handmade daisy chain, keeping the flower power going strong with braids too.

I mean if the weather holds off- "Please golden ball in the sky that we have been teased with today stay!" Im sure is what everyone is thinking if your at the festival this weekend or not- and if your not (like me) then maybe a lovely mini break away to the coast is in order? Recently I rented a wonderful cottage in Norfolk, Shouldham to be exact. It wasn't quite coastal (20 min drive) but it was truly idilic. In the village was a pub run by the locals and served gorgeous homemade food and a B&B 'The Chalk and Cheese' that served evening meals, the particular night i visited was 'pizza night', not super sexy, but delicious all the same.
Or if like me you are working (I'm pulling a sad face) then maybe some weekend shopping is in order!
Fun and sexy bright silk, lace, cottons and tulles- perfect to slip into on a hot and sultry summer evening whilst sipping your Pimms and sucking on the strawberries at the bottom of your glass (not eating pizza) but some wonderful Spanish tapas or Italian antipasti - mmmm yum yum, come on weekend, hurry up already!

What ever you have planned for this coming weekend, May you have a fully loved up and fun few days doing so.

Until next time,
T x

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