Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Did someone say Bridal Season?

Our beautiful silk bespoke knickers, these will make your loved smile when one bears her new name embroidered across the silk.

Bridal season is in full swing, mind you Bridal season seems to be all year nowadays, with lots of brides opting for a winter white wedding rather than the traditional English summer wedding. I have noticed lots of nuptials happening abroad, Italy being a top fav for Tallulah’s Brides-to-be this summer. I love Italy and last year I traveled to Marche (pronounced Markay) in the hills, near Umbria and oh my was it beautiful, even driving around the windy roads the views were breath-taking. The villa was surrounded by vineyards, all I did all day was chill, sip, eat and dip, it really was amazing! Below is an image shot whilst driving up the hill to the secluded villa I stayed in. I highly recommend a visit to this beautiful part of Italy, not as busy as it’s neighbouring Tuscany, but just as outstanding.

For our brides we have all sorts of lingerie for under the dress. From ’Spanx’  type knickers (we stock the original shapewear knickers, a Canadian company called Bodywrap, I much prefer the fit and feel of the fabric) to basques, the basques are either nude and smooth or a little prettier in ivory lace- they are by no means the prettiest piece in ones lingerie trousseau, but when one has spent so much on the perfect wedding dress it’s so important to get the foundations correct- get the idea of a wisp of delicate Chantilly lace draped over your nipples, it will look nicer but not with clothes on top- save this for the wedding night and go with the not so pretty lingerie! We have our basques altered too for those super low back dresses, doesn’t always work, but its been pretty successful so far as we have a super talented and very local Dress-Maker. It does annoy me when the bridal boutiques sell the most beautiful and inappropriate dresses to their brides-to-be, they just do not think of the underwear being a problem. well let me tell you now- if you are fitting a beautiful plunging neckline dress or equally a super dipped down back and your bride-to-be is above a D cup, it’s an issue, and even more of an issue if the dress is a beautiful fluid silk satin, oh the thought brings me out in goose bumps, it just doesn’t work, or we have to work much harder on finding the perfect foundations. One of my most favourite bridal boutiques is in Essex called The Bespoke Wardrobe- not only are the owners Reggie and Mo lovely, but they are honest too. They’ re wedding dresses are to just die for and if I were doing it all again, to the same person obvs (sorry being all Essexy there) I would head straight to these girls to sort me out! We have lots of their beautiful Brides-to-be visiting the boudoir, after the foundations are sorted, the real fun begins with the wedding night and honeymoon lingerie wardrobe to sort.

Above is an image of one of the basques we stock in Tallulah, its nothing glamorous but a great collection from Dominique. The suspenders are detachable and I would recommend a high waisted brief to finish off this basque giving the perfect silhouette under your dress, and it is available up to an F cup. You must remember though basques may come cup sized but one must take into consideration dress size as well as ones bra size. Or you could just visit the boudoir and let Tallulah help with the perfect size! So once the foundation wear is complete the fun begins, starting with an outfit fit for the morning of the wedding, so while your hair and make-up is being done and you are sipping your champagne, your bridesmaids are in the room with you all having curlers in their hair, the shots at this time that the photographer captures are often so fun and such a lovely way to start off the most dazzling day of a girls life, so you must be in an appropriate outfit i.e no terry towelling robe or baggy t-shirt will do, more like one of Tallulah’s beautiful Christine silk gowns or a soft printed cotton robe, it has to be easy to slip off your shoulders, you do not want to mess your hair and make-up once its done, that can happen later wink wink! 

Then the wedding night arrives and you can slip into something a little more revealing like this gorgeous new slip that has arrived in the boudoir recently from a collection called Ivette Bridal, boy do I love this piece, with its cut out back and diaphanous tulle trimmed in embroidery.

And sorry, but The Pearl thong just has to have a mention here. It has always and still is Tallulah’s number one seller in the boudoir and online- It is available in Black or Ivory lace with a double strand of Mallorcan Pearls. The delicate lace band looks beautiful on, and the pearls- well, they, tickle and stimulate us ladies clitorus and has the added bonus of massaging your Husbands bits while making love (also still stimulating your clitorus) who wouldn’t want this bit of kit in their lingerie trousseau? Its great, because once your partner knows and has experienced the Pearls benefits, you can wear them out maybe for dinner, not wearing jeans may i add, and whisper to him what you’ re wearing…
.its just a bit of fun for you both…
And I guarantee you will be home for dessert in no time!

Pearl Thong £69 online and in the boudoir- photography Mark Whitfield.

Hope you have a wonderfully fun week lingerie lovers x

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