Thursday, 9 October 2014


Following on from my JPG blog yesterday, as promised, Im going to show you how I would style the beautiful Benmark smooth nude basque for both day and night outfits.

Benmark, Dominique Ariel longline bra in nude |
Slouch Trousers in Black by ASOS |
Longline Slouch Boyfriend Blazer in Black by Mango |
Anyone who knows me, or has even met me, know's my day time palette consists of black and nude... So coming from a personal angle I would wear my Ariel basque with high waisted slouch black trousers, my favourite are from ASOS. They're hemmed really well so you can wear them full length, tucked into the top of some ankle boots or with a few folds them become cuffed and a little shorter. 
This may seem like trivial matter but being five foot three I often come up against trousers that don't lend well to being turned up; this racks up huge alterations' bills! 

On a sunny day; you can remember what that feels like don't you.. This look is perfect with bare shoulders for after work cocktails. In this current climate I'll be throwing on this slouchy longline blazer from Mango. I hate it when "slouchy" becomes frumpy, but this jacket is tailored really well and is made from gorgeous soft fabric. It creates a gorgeously relaxed boxy silhouette cuts the body in all the right places. No one wants to look like they're wearing an oversized tent, which is always a risk when we walk the fine line between oversized and tailored.

This day time outfit would also work really well with a pair of high waisted ripped jeans and a leather jacket for a 'Sunday lunch at the pub' kind of vibe too.

Benmark Basque as referenced above
Two Piece Floral Suit from ASOS |
For my evening look, baring in mind in this Autumn chill I can't even think about bare legs, I'd choose a two piece suit. A good two piece is something I always feel comfortable in; when it comes to power dressing it's a wardrobe staple of mine.. Hence why I own quite a few in version cuts and textures! 

Again the high waisted element is brilliant.. and the print on this suit is a fantastic contrast to the nude basque. I love the way the basque's structuring moulds to your skin and body shape; with the structured blazer over top you can't really tell what your wearing underneath, which is super sexy in an unconventional way. To make the outfit a little more dressy, after a quick commute on the tube you can slip off your blazer for a gorgeous figure hugging, hourglass look.

In general, the key elements to making it work, day or night, without feeling to revealing or uncomfortable is choosing trousers that sit super high on the waist and a jacket that cuts you in the right place for your desired silhouette, day or night. If your happy with these two simple elements, the rest falls into place. 
Now go and style up your basque!