Wednesday, 8 October 2014

All about JPG

The inspiration for this post comes from an advertisement I came across in Glamour Magazine for Jean Paul Gaultier's new fragrance Classique Intense earlier today

The fragrance itself originates from Classique; a fragrance created in 1993. At the time there was a trend that lent towards androgyny in perfumery, Classique was a rebellion, leaning quite in the opposite way. The signature scent was made from a mixture of rose, orange blossom amber wood and touches of vanilla; the result was an addictive perfume imposing absolute femininity. 

So for the new scent, Classique Intense, you get all the luxurious elements of Classique but in a new intensified way.. Exactly what it says on the tin; that doesn't happen often with perfume, so sounds like a great idea! 

However, what I wanted to talk about was the advertisement image.. 

Jean Paul Gaultier - Classique Intense Perfume 2014 Advertisement 

This image reminded me how much I love corsetry, especially Jean Paul Gaultier style corsetry. I mean how can you forget the iconic looks Jean Paul Gaultier has brought to us, usually filled out by the form of Madonna?! You can't really get much better than that?  
These pieces are what I used to immediately dream up when discussing lingerie in the early years before me and my friends knew the difference between a balcony bra and a padded plunge... Even after being filled with lingerie know-how, I appreciate the luxury and artistry in these corsets. You know what I mean.. When you start to become more knowledgeable about something, the things you used to drool over become less impressive. However, these pieces create the opposite effect; the sign of something fabulous! 

90's Jean Paul Gaultier Corsets

How beautiful are these pieces?! Just imagining wearing these puts a smile on my face.. 

Seeing this ad reminded me of an outfit I dreamt up a few weeks ago but totally forgot about, so now it's time to share! I feel like I'm repeating myself, but, it's an underwear as outerwear proposal, I can't get enough of it! A corset that would be perfect to add an essence of Madonna in Jean Paul Gaultier to an evenings attire when you don't have the budget for a vintage museum piece and are seeking something a tad more wearable, would be this dreamy basque by Benmark.. 


Dominique, Ariel Hidden Underwire Longline Bridal Bra in Ivory by Benmark |

This is Ariel the hidden underwire longline bridal bra, the images are in the ivory model but I love it in nude. The shape and fit is beautiful and the nude colour makes it difficult to differentiate between when skin stops and the basque begins, which I love and find really sexy in a power dressing kind of way. This is usually worn as shape wear beneath luxurious dresses, bridal couture in particular, however I would wear it with some high waisted trousers and a blazer. I will post images tomorrow of how you can dress this basque up or down! But for now I hope I've provoked Jean Paul Gaultier inspired dreams and ideas of incorporating corsetry in to your looks.

Happy structured dreaming!