Friday, 15 August 2014

The Perfect Plum

Tallulah has had an ongoing love affair with Simone Perele's collection Celeste for a while now. 

The collection is one of our best sellers in regards to bridal lingerie sets. I put this down to the dreamy soft lace that looks beautiful and also disappears under the majority of dresses.
If your dress needs a little more attention due to the fabric showing up every lump and bump, the collection also has a smooth alternatives.. 

Celeste covers every base and that's why it's our go too. 

For our brides ivory is usually the favoured colour, but Tallulah also stocks the collection in Black and Nude. 
The fit works perfectly as lingerie you can wear day to day so the black and nude options leave you feeling included even if your not buying bridal lingerie! 

So Celeste beautifully covers all the foundation bases, but, here comes the exciting part.. 

It's just arrived at Tallulah in the most divine plum colour!!! 

Celeste Padded Plunge Bra and Tanga in Plum by Simone Perele |

Celeste Padded Plunge Bra and Tanga in Plum by Simone Perele |

The excitement was too much when I opened this gorge delivery.. I really didn't think Celeste could get any better in my estimations - then this colour happened! 

Celeste Padded Plunge Bra in Plum by Simone Perele |

Celeste Unpadded Half Cup Bra in Plum by Simone Perele |

Celeste - Lace Strap Detail 

Celeste Bra Strap Detail 

Celeste Unpadded Half Cup Clasp Detail 

Celeste in plum has two different shapes in the bra for you to choose from; a padded plunge with lace detail on the cups and a unpadded half cup. As you can see above their both beautiful! 

I love the detailing from the little knot on the bra straps to the scalloped lace that runs delicately around the edging. It's all just too gorgeous.. 

Celeste Shortie in Plum by Simone Perele |

Celeste Tanga in Plum by Simone Perele |

Celeste Tanga - Lace edging in Plum 

You have the choice of three different styles of bottoms; the two photographed above are the shortie and the tanga. There is also a more traditional shaped knicker which has a solid plum back as a pose to completely lace. 

Personally, I prefer the fully lace look whether it's with slightly more coverage in a shortie or in a cheekier tanga. Being short, I always go for the higher cut tanga to create the illusion of longer legs.. Fashion is an illusion ladies! 

This beautiful coloured alternative paired with an already outstanding collection is one day, fresh out of the box so hurry to Tallulah to get your set! 
The good news is that we'll be able to order Celeste, in plum, for you in the coming months.. but who knows how long this dreamy colour will remain in stock...