Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Forty Winks.

Being a busy, busy Tallulah girl I'm a culprit of only sleeping for a few hours each night. 
Everyone gets those days in life when everything needs to be done at once and there's no time to do it - not having the ability to be awake and sharp usually doesn't help these days to pass in a smooth and glamorous manner.. 

This is were naps come into play.. Even fabulous women take naps y'know! 

I'm rather strange in the fact that I love long journeys; long haul flights especially! 
I don't really care what mode of transport as long as it's over an hour and preferably causes my phone to loose Wifi. Why you ask.. it's prime napping time! 

Janey Whitehorn Silk Eyemasks |

Where I'm going with this is becoming clear now isn't it?! Gorgeous eye masks of course! 

At Tallulah we favour Janey Whitehorn's beautiful eye masks; the hand painted coloured silk is so, so dreamy! 
On the inside of the mask is a gorgeous deep plum coloured velvet to ensure darkness for your sleepy eyes. Despite these already fabulous features the best is still to come! 

Janey's beautiful eye masks are filled with lavender. Yes, I know, so luxurious. 
The lavender filled pouch is meant to calm your mind as well as surround you with a divine scent. I also find that they make the mask a little heavier so that it sits well on your face, on a practical level not letting in any light and from the relaxation angle provides a small amount of pressure onto your eye tired sockets. 

Janey Whitehorn Silk Eye Masks |

There couldn't be a better range of eye masks to provide you with those extra few hours whilst still looking dreamy; whether it's on a long haul flight or just because you love to wear them to bed.

So next time you fancy a nap remember.. 
Number one - your beautiful lavender silk eye mask by Janey Whitehorn 
Number two - you work hard, you deserve it! 

Turn the alarm off and happy snoozing!