Saturday, 16 August 2014

A Little Slice of Barcelona.

It's an exciting occasion when a brand new name graces the rails at Tallulah..

Andres Sarda Look Book 

Nicola Adams, owner and buyer for Tallulah Lingerie, has a a rule; she only buys what she likes. In my opinion, this is what makes Tallulah special, it has it's own unique voice and style. 

For this reason, (baring in mind, I'm a Tallulah girl) it's easy to love ALL the collections that line our delicious deep red boudoir. Personally, this one is just something else!

Tallulah's little slice of Barcelona in the form of Andres Sarda. 

Above: Andres Sarda Mini Flip Book
Below: Andres Sarda Gift Box 

Andres Sarda has been revamped and oh my, what a good job they've done! 

The look book is sensational. Photographed by Txema Yeste, there isn't a single look or image that I don't love. And I mean, absolutely love!

Black Body by Andres Sarda |

Padded Bra and Shorties in Green and Pink by Andres Sarda |

Not even getting round to the lingerie element.. 
As you can see in the images above, the setting of an old derelict building creates a soft, luxurious focus around the model the glorious underwear.. 
There's a sense of drama and story telling; it feels like your engulfed by the backdrop as you turn the pages. 

Black Body by Andres Sarda |

Padded Black and White Polka Dot Bra and Knickers by Andres Sarda |

Purple Lingerie Set by Andres Sarda |

Then there's the styling. Broad rimmed fedora hats, fur coats, leather jackets and thing high boots all have there moment in this look book. On paper it should be a styling car crash, but, it all works impeccably well! You only have to glance at the images above to understand what I mean.. 

But really, when you cast a model as glorious as this one, you can't really go far wrong. 
The tousled blonde hair, smokey bedroom eyes and gorgeously proportioned body sets the collection off on a dreamy path. 

Black, Crystal Embellished Half Cup Bra and Knickers by Andres Sarda |

Royal Blue Padded Bra and Knickers by Andres Sarda |

Padded Bra in Green and Pink by Andres Sarda |

And then.. I come to the lingerie! 

It speaks for it's self doesn't it. Not only have I not seen unique shapes and colour pairings like this before, when you meet the pieces in person the quality is obvious. 

The layering of gorgeous textures and details become more gorgeously apparent up close.
The look book could never portray how luxurious it all is; it's cliche but the images really don't do it justice! 

Purple and Black Half Cup Bra by Andres Sarda |

Diamond Body Suit by Andres Sarda |

And THEN.. 

A strategically placed ball of white fur and diamond clusters..
I'm so sold!
I'll also take the diamonds and the cat!