Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sunday Snuggling.

Happy Sunday to all of our lovely lingerie lovers! 

It's dreary weather on Cross Street today; the drizzly downpours and grey skies are making me more inclined to climb into the slouchy Eberjey sets I have for you today. 

Recent arrivals at Tallulah Lingerie from Eberjey, amongst other gorgeous cotton loungewear options, are the Baxter Peasant slouchy top and legging set and the Heather slouchy tee and cropped pant set in blue shadow. 

Heather Slouchy Tee and Cropped Pants in Blue Shadow by Eberjay |

We love the Heather blue shadow lounge set - it's the perfect choice for Sunday chilling and snuggling! 
The cotton is luxuriously soft, as expected, as Eberjey produce this quality cotton so well. I couldn't think of anything attire comfier to be accompany a day in with films, food and the other half.. 

The thick draw strings that can be tidied into dreamy bows are a cute detail and the 'blue shadow' colour is just the most perfect blueish grey. 

I would even pair the slouchy tee with my favourite jeans for a gorgeous alternative to dressing down for a leisurely Sunday walk. 
Or maybe you want to wear it as a set to your favourite yoga class; at this point I will say, please don't wear it to Bikram, it's to nice to sweat on! 

Baxter Peasant Slouchy Top and Leggings by Eberjay |

Then there's my personal favourite - The Baxter Peasant slouchy top and legging set. As soon as I took these out of the packaging I wanted to put them on and curl up in the fitting room. 

Much like the Heather, the Baxter is perfect for getting cosy around the house or at your favourite hotel. 
I would also wear this top with my favourite jeans, and maybe with my favourite jewellery, over some linens' for an airy summer evening look. 

However, thinking ahead.. this is the perfect set for a skiing resort! 
The fine knit detail with this gorgeous creamy colour urges you to lounge in front of a camp fire with your coco and then throw on a layer of your favourite skiing attire to hit the slopes; transforming your Baxter's into long johns! 

Because they're made from a fine knit, the set has a sheerness to it. Paired with the plunging neckline, this set is also incredibly sexy! 
Who'd have thought it? 

I hope you all have a cuppa in hand and your feet up, happy Sunday dreaming!