Monday, 18 August 2014

Tallulah Loves.. Velvet

When designers we continually stock at Tallulah Lingerie send us a new collection there's always anticipation and excitement. 

And that's exactly what happened this weekend when we received a newbie from one of our favourite french fancies; Simone Perele. 

Here's my step by step guide to the new collection - Velvet. 

Velvet Half Cup Bra and Thong by Simone Perele |

First thing to say is, how beautiful is this soft, shadow grey colour? 

The texture clash of shimmering velvet, soft eyelash lace and lace mesh is divine and definitely a combination that works. 

Velvet Padded Bra with Front Fastening by Simone Perele |

Back Detail - Velvet Padded Bra with Front Fastening 

The first of three bra shapes you have the pleasure of choosing from is the padded version. 

The clasp fastens at the front; the downside to this is once the strap that spans around the back slacks with time there's no way of lengthening the wearable life span of the bra by shifting where you place your hook. 
However, this is a fashion bra as a pose to a contour bra. 
The benefits to this little detail is that instead of the normal hooks on the straps, Simone Perele were left with space to add in this dreamy eyelash lace insert and the cutest velvet bow instead. 

Velvet Half Cup by Simone Perele |

Back Detail - Velvet Half Cup 

Speaking of eyelash lace.. 

The next shape is the half cup; ever beautiful and ever lacy. Simone Perele ALWAYS produce dreamy half cup shapes and this is no exception. 
What I love about the construction of this bra is that it has a little more space at the top of the cups, meaning women with fuller boobs can wear it without the fear of the dreaded 'four boob'. 

I'm sure you all know what I mean as I've heard this term many times in the boudoir.. 
For those of you who don't, it's the disastrous effect that occurs when there isn't enough space along the edge of the cups causing the bra to pinch right across the breast tissue. We're then presented with unwanted spillage, the effect being "four boobs".. 
So there you have it.. well, hopefully not! 

Velvet Full Cup Support Bra by Simone Perele |

Strap Detail - Velvet Full Cup Support Bra 

The last shape Velvet has to offer is the Full Cup Support Bra. 

The velvet trim is soft and gorgeous. The cups come up high as a full cup should, creating a deep 'V' neckline without a super plunging effect. The straps are also thick and substantial, whilst also looking dreamy in shimmering velvet. 

Velvet Retro Brief by Simone Perele |

Back Detail - Velvet Shortie by Simone Perele |

Velvet Thong by Simone Perele |

Back Detail - Velvet Thong by Simone Perele |

Close Up Lace Detail - Velvet Shortie by Simone Perele |

There is also three choices of knickers, but really, how do you decide when they're all so gorgeous? 

My advice, don't. Buy all three! 
My reasoning.. when your wearing your gorgeous Velvet bra for the second day in a row, as every woman does, you have knickers to match on the second day instead of having the awkward un-matching scenario that, if your anything like us at Tallulah, will set your day off to a bad start. 
That's really not what we're about at Tallulah.. 

The third pair comes in when your have that gorge waist high, unstructured skirt that you planned to wear.. 
You've also planned to wear your favourite Velvet bra but the matching thong doesn't quite give you the shape you require. 
Do. Not. Fret.. Retro Briefs, to the rescue! 

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