Thursday, 21 August 2014

Not for the faint hearted..

Lascivious are renowned in luxury lingerie for producing some of the sexiest lingerie campaigns each season. 
At Tallulah Lingerie we stock one of their classic collections, and in our opinion, one of their best.. It's Kitty 

Kitty Bra in Ivory by Lascivious |

If your not yet well acquainted with Lascivious, I'll warn you it's not for the faint hearted. 
Their collections are filled to the brim with luxurious lingerie and and pieces perfect for your every dark erotic fantasy. 

Lascivious' campaigns take a month to put together and I really recommend, if your feeling in the mood for something different, to check them out at

Kitty in Ivory by Lascivious |

Tallulah loves Kitty in gorgeous ivory as a beautiful, yet cheeky bridal wear option. It's not your traditional ivory lace number, but my mantra is - if you can't get away with it on your wedding night, then when can you?! 

Kitty is made up of three pieces; a cupless bra, ouvert knickers and a suspender belt. 
The outfit is designed to create accent a women's curves with carefully placed voluminous tulle. 

Kitty in Ivory by Lascivious |

The cupless bra is easily fitted; your usual back size remains the same. 
The great thing about wearing a cupless bra is that it doesn't matter what shape you are up top because Kitty fits everyone, the luxurious tulle is the element that going to give you the fantastic shape. 

The aim of the outfit is to create an hourglass shape. Adding layers of frills on the suspender belt helps in adding the illusion of this silhouette. 

For the lower half, these knickers really are fabulous. They modestly conceal at the front and provocatively open at the back. Although on paper, they are "crotchless knickers" words such as, 'trashy' or 'seedy' aren't allowed anywhere near them. 

The set, sets out to create voluptuous curves and sexy lines and that's exactly what you get. At Tallulah we go for the Kitty for bridal wear every time. 
We love Lascivious for constantly tweaking and making improvements to the fit and shape the Kitty - this is a huge benefit to a classic Lascivious. 

Kitty in Black by Lascivious |

Not getting married? Feeling left out? There's your answer.. all in black! 
Kitty is for everyone who wants it, not just our blushing brides.

With it's gorge tulle frills and satin bows, this classic Lascivious collection can flatter just about every one. 

So if your getting married, or dating again; what ever your reason for branching out to find some fun new fancies to be chased around the boudoir.. look no further, because you've found it!