Thursday, 21 August 2014

Verry Special, Verry Kerry

I don't know about where you are, but in Islington, there's a definite change of seasons in the air. 
It's the awkward transition from summer to autumn; it's still to warm to be wrapped up in layers of cashmere in the evenings, although the chill in the air makes me more obliged to reach for my robe.. 

The answer comes in the form of beautiful cotton robes by Verry Kerry. 

'Orchard Blosson' Long Kimono Robe by Verry Kerry |

The beautiful kimono style robes come in long and short styles with some gorgeous prints to choose from.
The 'Orchard Blossom' long robe (photographed above) started off as a one off piece at Tallulah Lingerie and due to such high customer demand it was only natural to expand our stock to other lengths and prints. 

'Feather Frolic' Short Kimono Dressing Gown by Verry Kerry |

Verry Kerry's fabulous prints are inspired by the designers cultural roots in Zambia, central Africa. When talking about her fellow Zambian's she says, 'it's their persistence in wearing these magnificent, colourful & exciting prints that continues to inspire me'. 

Her dreams of combining 'bold, smile evoking fabrics with simple, comfortable, timeless shapes' were realised when travelling to India and establishing a collaboration with Fair Trade approved manufacturers. 

'Geisha' Kimono Style Long Robe by Verry Kerry |

At Tallulah, we value that Verry Kerry is a local, independent designer and an ethical brand. The brand supports many community charities such as NGO Green the Gap. 

I think a brand that delivers such beautiful pieces and does their part in helping the community and on a larger scale, the world, is golden. 
We should all take a second to give some recognition..

In fashion industry the tendency is to get caught up and closed off to the bigger picture and what's important. Within this influential industry there's space and money to make a different to the world; if we can, then why not? 

'Orchard Blossom' Kimono Style Long Robe from Verry Kerry |

We adore the beautiful material choices consisting of broderie anglaise cotton and pure cotton. This is the aspect that makes them different from the other robes we stock at Tallulah Lingerie. 

Not only are they perfect for the change of the season, their everything you need for maturity and post-maternity wear. 
The cotton is much easier to maintain it terms of washing and wearing; something every silk wearing yummy mummy will breathe a sigh of relief upon hearing! 
These gowns can be washed as normal at 30 degrees.. I bet that's something you never thought you'd hear from me?! 

Also, a little design feature that I think is absolute genius is the two belt tie options.. 
You can tie the belt around the waist in the style of a normal robe or under the bust leaving plenty of space for a baby bump - wearing Verry Kerry whilst pregnant is a dreamy breeze!

For cotton robes we love Verry Kerry! Come visit us on Cross Street to try on a fabulous gown and see what all the fuss is about..