Saturday, 23 August 2014

Tallulah loves.. Fragrances

A spritz of some gorgeous perfume is always the finishing touch for a Tallulah girl when getting ready to take on the day. 
I always have so much fun exploring fragrances; there's such an abundance of dreamy scents to choose from!

Scent's are a huge part of our associations with people around us; everyone has a specific scent or two that takes them back to memories of people and places. This is the element of perfume that's magical; it becomes part of who we are. 

A fragrance is luxurious and sensual all at the same time, whether it's a gift or a treat for yourself perfume is always something to get excited about! 

Tallulah loves fragrances and here are some of our tried and tested favourites.. 

The perfume shelf.. Tallulah style! 

Jo Loves, Collection of Fragrance by Jo Malone |

Jo Loves Green Orange and Coriander by Jo Malone | 

The first is a warm and soulful fragrance with bitter green citrus and culinary herbs by Jo Malone. 
Jo Loves Green Orange and Coriander, is described best in Jo Malone's own words.. 

‘This reminds me of a lazy day in New York – Sunday brunch, wrapped up in a cashmere sweater and a shared bottle of smooth red wine in front of a crackling fire.’ Jo Malone MBE

If that doesn't sound luxurious, then I don't know what does... 

Acqua Di Parma, Colonia |

This is traditionally a males fragrance, however, what's yours is mine? Yes darling.. 
There's nothing sexier than a couple who share the same scent. 

This cologne was composed in Sicily with local citrus fruits and floral essences such as lavender and damask rose. This scent is described as 'a fresh, refined and timeless fragrance' - all things I love in a scent whether it's for him or for her. 

Edition of Fragrances by Frederic Malle: Noir Epices created by Michel Roudnitska
As the newest edition to the Tallulah perfume collection, the scent that's been floating around the boudoir today bringing a sensuality and elegance.  

The perfumer describes the scent as 'drowning in spicy notes', these spices are gorgeous pieces of nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and pepper topped with orange and geranium and backed with sandalwood and patchouli.. Did you catch all of that! 

An awful lot is packed into a spritz of this little fragrance diamond; careful composition result in something really dreamy. 

Eau de Lierre, Eau De Toilette by Diptyque Paris |
The last is a perfume that is described as an expression of English gardens. 
An ambiance of gardens with essences of leaves, blossoms and water is exactly what I want to be dapping on my wrists for London summer time! 

Everyone benefits from a breath of nature so why not get it from this gorge little bottle.. 

Have a divine smelling bank holiday!