Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Diamonds? I raise you pearls..

Tallulah Lingerie just wouldn't be the same without our best seller and favourite piece of lingerie .. 

The Bracli Pearl Thong. 

Bracli Pearl Thong in Black | http://www.bracli-lingerie.co.uk/

Many women are shocked by the suggestion of wearing a pearl thong. 
Some are shocked in an 'Oh my god, that's a genius idea!' kind of way, and some have the reaction that goes something like, 'Umm, I don't think that's really for me..'.  
At first this was my reaction too. I was almost embarrassed at how overtly sexy it seemed.

Wearing this little piece in the bedroom leaves nothing to your partners imagination, it's really, very naughty. 

When receiving my own gorgeous pearls with black lace, I realised why their the Tallulah favourite. 

The pearls are a classic; compared to some of the weird an wonderful lingerie items on the market these days, they have a little bit of elegance and a tongue in cheek approach to sex. 
Why would't you want a string of pearls for a special occasion with your partner? Their not only beautiful but are so easy to slip on under anything you may choose to wear from elegant silks to your evening gown. 

They can be brought back again and again as a treat that you'll both love..
"I'm wearing the pearls tonight darling", is a sentence every man wants whispered in his ear whilst your attending boring work drinks or at your favourite restaurant! 
And my favourite thing about Bracli Pearls (being all feminist..) is that it's not like a sex toy where it's only pleasurable for one or the other.. if you can prevent him from ripping them off, wearing them during sex can stimulate both of you... 
I know, GENIUS! 

Ivory Pearls by Bracli | http://www.bracli-lingerie.co.uk/

We all remember the scene from Sex in the City when Samantha runs up six flights of stairs in a Bracli Pearl thong.. With this in your mind (if you haven't seen it.. WATCH IT) let me move on to a topic dear to my heart when discussing pearls. 

DO NOT tell me that their uncomfortable when you have decided to put them on at 8am and then leave them on until you get home at 9pm! This is craziness. 

Pearl thongs are not your alternative to knickers.
If you want to wear them during an evening out - go for it. 
If you want to wear them to seduce your partner when they arrive home from work - yes for you. 
Even if you want to wear them on your wedding evening - do it. 
But, please don't wear them to work.  

I have read so many articles on the Pearl Thong saying how uncomfortable it is. How it causes chaffing and made whom ever in question feel numb from pearls rubbing areas pearls should not go.. Where did they wear them? During day to day activities. 

The way I think about Pearls is.. Their a sex toy and lingerie rolled into one. 
For short periods of time, as listed above, they're fabulous. But would you go to work with a vibrator in your pants? No. I rest my case! 

Blush Pearl Thong by Bracli | http://www.bracli-lingerie.co.uk/

Here at Tallulah we stock black, ivory and blush Pearl thongs; a colour for every occasion!
Made from the most dreamy lace and real pearls sourced in Spain, they're a gorge piece just for draping across our displays, never mind it's other fabulous uses!

We used to have one size that fitted all; you would wear the lace band as low or high as appropriate to your size. Now, we have a smaller version so their the perfect fit for everyone who could want one... 
Trust me, once you have one you'll want them in every colour!

Bracli Pearls 

As far as Bracli's other products, I'm not sure.. A pearl thong for men is not my idea of sexy. 
However, the pearl thong is a classic and I urge you all to try it, or at least get yourselves down to Tallulah to check it out! 

It will intrigue you..