Monday, 11 August 2014

COLLECTIVE | 205 .. An Interview with Kaya Huckstep

A definite theme has run throughout the past few days in the form of my favourites from Collective | 205. For those of you who don't know, read my previous posts!!! 

I'm teasing, let me fill you in .. 
Collective | 205 is an exhibition of the London College of Fashion graduates for Fashion Contour and Active Sportswear. This fabulous event took place a few weeks ago in fashionable Shoreditch, where I attended and fell in love... numerous times! 

Now we're all up to speed! 

One of my favourite designers featured in Collective | 205 was Kaya Huckstep. Kaya presented a collection called 'With This Body' (See blog post Collective | 205 .. Take Two)  

The Tallulah part of my brain (which is the majority) immediately started draping her dreamy pieces over my hypothetical bridal clients, in the imaginary deep red fitting rooms that I accumulate in my head when I get excited about new beautiful bridal lingerie. 

Kaya talks about originality, quality and beauty - all words I associate with the pieces my Tallulah brides search for on their visits to our boudoir on Cross Street. 

I managed to get a few words from Kaya herself that went beyond what she set out for us in her look book. 
This turned into a fascinating insight into her process and inspirations which was deserving of it's own post here at What Tallulah Did.. 

With This Body: Fimbria Set by Kaya Huckstep |
When asked what her reasons for pursuing lingerie were Kaya said, "it was admiration and awe of the work by Jean Paul Gaultier and Mr Pearl that first drew me into the world of intimate apparel".
This led on to Kaya developing her own design aesthetic which is influenced by her love of historical lingerie, flirtatious burlesque-wear and couture detailing. 

After a long process Kaya has arrived at creating her graduating collection for London College of Fashion, when talking about the collection she said, "‘With This Body’ is a bridal trousseau collection, inspired by anatomy. A short time spent in hospital, surrounded by intriguing diagrams acted as catalyst for my initial research, which I then focused in on microscopic skeletal structures. The intricacy of their composition provided me with ideas for textile manipulation and embellishment as well as the subtle colour pallet". 

It's amazing how the product of Kaya's time in hospital has resulted in something so beautiful! I think this is an aspect that makes Kaya's process really special .. 
When talking about her process she says, "My design process is very tactile. I love to explore how fabrics interact with each other, draping them on a mannequin to experiment with placement ideas. Hand sewn, intricate finishes, provide each piece with its own unique personality". 

I'm both inspired and in awe of Kaya's work, and I encourage everyone who loves lingerie especially the bridal variety to follow her work closely.. I know I'll be doing so! 

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