Sunday, 10 August 2014

COLLECTIVE | 205 .. Take Two

Continuing with my favourites from London College of Fashion's graduate collections presented a few weeks ago in Collective | 205... 

Your waiting with baited breath after yesterday's gorgeous collection by Bronte Phelps aren't you. Breath out - I have my second favourite for you. Obviously I couldn't choose just one.. 

It's Kaya Huckstep, BA (Hons) Fashion Contour graduate and her collection 'With This Body'.

With This Body: Fimbria Set by Kaya Huckstep |

With This Body: Fimbria Set by Kaya Huckstep |

With This Body by Kaya Huckstep was one of the collections I was went back to after viewing it for the first time at the exhibition. With it's timeless feel and intricate features I had to take a second look to appreciate it's full extent. 

S/S 2015 With This Body: Haversian Set by Kaya Huckstep |

S/S 2015 With This Body: Haversian Set by Kaya Huckstep |

S/S 2015 With This Body: Haversain Set by Kaya Huckstep |

At Tallulah we love all things bridal lingerie. 
With This Body was formulated from research into anatomy, textile manipulation and combining digital embroidery with hand embellishment... 

Whether or not Kaya's intention was to create beautiful bridal pieces; this is definitely what my Tallulah eyes saw. 

Brides visit Tallulah for special pieces of lingerie that will accompany them on their big day. They're always looking for something original and beautiful. Kaya's collection is somewhat of a treasure trove filled with pieces such as these and that's my reasoning for pairing her collection with the dreamy bridal market.

JC Photoshoot, With This Body: Fimbria Set by Kaya Huckstep |

Kaya's meticulous product development and intricate finishes have accumulated in pieces that were made to be treasured. 

I'm sure our Tallulah brides would fall in love with this intimate apparel as much as I did. When looking back over the collection at 2am, I couldn't get these enticing aesthetics out of my head. 

Kaya has aimed With This Body at women with flair - I'll take that as a compliment! 

Check out What Tallulah Did tomorrow for an intriguing insight into Kaya's inspirations and thought process in a little interview she did exclusively with yours truly! 

Image Credits - With This Body 
Photographer : Guy Sargent :
Model : Lindsey Ann :
Make Up Artist : Clare Alexandra Barber :
Image Credits - With This Body: JC Photo shoot Photographer: JC Photography 
Model: Onique Prince
Make Up Artist: Dominika Gniewek