Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Summer in the city...

So finally Justin Timberlake has taken the sunshine out of his pocket and put it in the sky for us all to enjoy, well for today and maybe tomorrow anyway! 
I love the lighter, almost carefree moods, hearing music wafting through the air and the fact that one can have a Gin and Tonic at any time of the day when it is this hot (sip sip).

My current obsession is still the Simone Perele 'Wish' in Paprika and here is an image of how I 'wish' I could wear it!

This week in the boudoir it has been rather exciting, I have started the swimwear buying for next summer (I know we haven't even had this summer yet right!?) and for once I am actually really excited at what I have seen. As much as I love swimwear, it is not my favourite to buy for Tallulah's loyal customers. I know how important it is to feel confident whilst one is walking around practically naked, I just would much rather be shopping for (myself) stock for the boudoir pieces of pretty Chantilly lace trimmed bras and matching panties or sheaths of silk.  Although I have to say, my heart skipped a beat a couple of times over the last couple of days, so watch this space...but in the meantime he is a little snippet of what I am thinking...

Another exciting thing to happen this week is we had our rather wonderful Photographer Mark Whitfield in shooting some new interior shots of the boudoir. It is always a laugh when Mark is in and typically always gets busy- I think he loves it! Check out his website and Instagram page, he really is a very good Photographer and always so much fun, he manages to capture Tallulah just the way it is, beautiful. 

Right now I am prepping for a new Christine Silk order, and as you know Tallulah is very proud and privileged to be the soul European stockist for this Canadian handmade brand. Now if you have 1 (or more) of these amazing silk gowns, you will know what I mean when I say that they are THE most amazing silk gown, slip, nightie, dress - how ever you want to wear it, there is. They are utterly divine. Every very time we sell one to a lucky lady we share the warning, once you have 1 colour you WILL want more... well Christine silk gown ladies, I am in the middle of placing Tallulah's order. If you have a bespoke request, then please get it in to me by the end of the day on Friday. Email with any questions and I will be sure to help you get your very own bespoke silk gown.
I will be ordering for myself the shorter length that sits below the knee, we sold out of these pretty quick earlier in the year- I'm thinking it will be my Christmas Party Dress. You know what, we have actually sold quite a few in this new length as tango dresses, well dancing dresses- the movement to them is wonderful.

Everyone is writing about the trend Tallulah loves best, the Underwear As Outerwear trend, including this week in The Guardian click on the link and have a little read, then order your bespoke silk Christine gown ;-)

I think my laptop has had enough of the heat so I am signing off. Hope you have enjoyed this blog post!
Lots of Lingerie Love to you, and I hope to see you in the boudoir soon for a little lingerie fix.
T xx