Friday, 1 July 2016

Have you been fitted recently?

I am not mentioning it, I refuse to except that Staying In is the new going out (I wish).
That's it- the only mention of last weeks shenanigans in this blog post!
Have you been fitted recently? I know every time one of our lovely and wonderful loyal ladies purchase a new bra or 2 from Tallulah they get a fitting, but have YOU been fitted (the ladies who are yet to swing by the boudoir)? You may read that it is advisable to be fitted very 6 months for a bra- personally I feel this statement to be a little exaggerated, and every time one purchases a new bra just be professionally fitted. This could be every 3 months or every year how ever you lingerie shop. We have some customers that shop once a month (or twice, you know who you are true lingerie addicts) and then we have the once a year get it all done in one go shoppers. What ever sort of lingerie shopper you are make sure your fitter sees every bra on you- and I do to mean in a department store (and one in particular who you all know I have massive issues with- I will not say the name again) but in a professionally trained environment, preferably independent (just because us indies need to support each other and spread the love) your breast tissue, posture and outerwear will only Thank you. Once you have been fitted professionally you will know exactly how good a well fitting bra feels, you will be able to feel yourself if your bra really is ill-fitting.

Swing by to be fitted in this gorgeous new colour way of the fabulous 'Wish' collection delivered this week from Simone Perele. At Tallulah we love everything about this collection and in the past we have stocked it in Black, Grey and Blush. If you have had any of the other colours and I know many of you have had all 3- this is a must have addition to  your lingerie collection. I can't decide whether to go for the padded plunge pictured below or the sheer half cup. I have had both shapes and equally love to wear both...

Apart from the obvious reason why we love this collection so much at Tallulah- have you seen the delicate embroidery? and the strap detail?...but the sizes on offer make this one of our best sellers due to the 30" backs and up to F cups. Plus the fit, it has been my main go to this year to fit with on many ladies.

Another new collection arrived this week photographed above and I am wearing it today. I keep it no secret my love of Chantal Thomass and all of her collections that arrive in the boudoir. However, the only complaint (eekkk I know) is that I do wish so very much that we had the same generous sizes to offer like the 'Wish' collection. We never have 30" backs and only ever up to an E cup from C.T. This new collection is named 'Craquante' translated to crunchy- this will be my new Friday set I think! One of the things I totally love apart from the sheer tulle, subtle polka dot and frill on the cup is the knickers, smooth with no seams = no VPL genius! Below is a cheeky shot of me this morning...

And if you follow Tallulah on Instagram you will of seen another selfie of me wearing it to, but with more clothes on this time! I am obsessed with this bra at the moment!

Something one does not need to be fitted for is a silk slip or camisole, and this gorgeous deep green and black leopard print silk camisole from Stella McCartney is a great Underwear As Outerwear piece. Tucked into a sexy pencil skirt or teamed up with denim cut offs, anyway you like it is so easy to wear.

The picture at the top of this blog is one of our fitting cards. Why don't you book your appointment for a fitting today- call the boudoir 020 7704 0066 and we can book you in, fit you and start a file for you with all of your details of size, what does and does not suit or fit you, all ready for someone, anyone to come and buy you a treat or 2.

I mentioned 'Wish' a fair few times in these few paragraphs, from lingerie to real events I do wish things turn out differently in all aspects of life. Including the result of last week. 
5 months have gone by (if you are a regular reader of this blog you will know what happened 5 months ago) and this week I really need to cheer myself up with something colourful and lucky enough this arrived just in time...

Thank you Marjolaine, you rescued me. A silky treat to myself. 
Looking forward to seeing you over the weekend for a treat to yourself, 
go on, you deserve it.

Until next time lingerie lovers, be kind to yourself, your body.
Tallulah x

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