Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Ok, Christmas has begun in Tallulah and the Wish-List book is ready for you...

Wish-List card waiting to be personlised for you.

We are always amongst the last to decorate up on Cross Street and this year was no exception, but it's official, the fairy lights are sparkling, the mistletoe is hanging, old school Christmas tunes playing and lots of vintage tartan ribbon is in the window (no room for an actual tree so we improvise!) 
Guess what Tallulah thinks is the perfect Christmas gift to give is? You've got it, Lingerie, and using Tallulah's Wish-List service is the best way for you to receive your perfect Christmas present- it feels decadent and generous for the gift-giver, and it ensures you'll find exactly what you want under that Christmas tree. After all, playing the guessing game when it comes to the very intimate and personal decision of which silk and lace chemise to slip into, can end in a disaster, something best avoided on the morning of the 25th! Lingerie is a gift appreciated by both, so whether you're a giver or a receiver -wink wink- make it the perfect gift with lingerie.

It is simple to use and even easier to let your 'Santa' know you have a list on the go in Tallulah to make perfect present shopping hassle free. 
1. Swing by the boudoir on Cross Street- no appointment needed.
2. Try on some of your desirable lingerie pieces.
3. Let Tallulah keep details for you.
4. You leave with a spring in your step and a very handy 'Wink Wink Nudge Nudge' personal card to leave laying around.
Then your 'Santa' can pop into the boudoir and choose from your selection- so you will be receiving still a surprise, just one that fits and you want, perfect wouldn't you say?!

Looking forward to seeing you 
and helping you create your Wish-List, 
even naughty girls get lingerie treats.

Lots of festive holiday love to you,
from Tallulah x