Saturday, 21 November 2015

The Birthday Girl!

Apologies lingerie lovers, but Tallulah is totally and utterly milking this birthday! I have received so many wonderful messages from amazing customers, lots and lots of Happy Birthday messages have been sent, here are a few...

"Happy Birthday and well done to a successful dream".

"Happy Birthday. massive congrats and huge admiration for you following that dream".

"Happy Birthday. In Jewish calendar you're having a Bat Mitzvah and made it from childhood to womanhood".

"CONGRATS on your birthday, keep up the amazing work!".

"Happy Birthday, here is to the next 12 years!".

Thank you all for taking the time to send Birthday wishes!

So this weekend the online boutique  is having a 'FLASH SALE' to celebrate too, shop any of our Christine silk gowns, Pearl thongs, bras and bodies or Silk devore kimonos and shop with a special 12% off discount.
Enter 12BDAY at the check out.
-Happy Shopping-

It's funny, I'm trying to think what I would be doing if Tallulah didn't exist, and I honestly have no idea. I never set out in the lingerie world, but had always loved it way before Tallulah was even a sparkle in my eye. I feel incredibly lucky, happy and privileged to be where I am and have what I have today and able to follow my dream. It has been hard but worth every tear, sound of laughter and love over the years.

I am very proud of Tallulah, but it wouldn't be so great if it were not for you, Tallulah's wonderfully sexy (and practical) customers.
Thank You.
Tallulah xx

Cheers x