Saturday, 13 June 2015

It's all in the details and accessories are everything...

When getting ready for the day ahead of me, the first thing to choose is my lingerie, the under garments dictate everything jewellery, shoes, scent even my mood and of course clothes on top. 

Its not just lingerie that gets Tallulah excited, although one must surrender to this submission-the beautiful soft silk tulle or delicate and intricate handmade laces....I could go on and on..... But also its about the accessories, from my delicate and eclectic rose & yellow gold and silver jewellery collection, which yes it does get mixed together, I like mix-matching my jewellery, something I would never dream about doing with my lingerie-EVER and realise this is somewhat controversial, its said all the time, do not mix metals....Blah Blah! Sometimes, just sometimes rules were made to be broken! I love a mixed stack and here are some of my favourites from Catbird in New York, Annoushka in Liberty's and of course our neighbour at the top of Cross St, Dinny Hall. Love  passing her beautiful jewelled windows every day on my way to the Boudoir something always twinkles at me!

Shoes too, from shoes like my chunky heeled brogues that I know not everyone likes (you know who you are D) all styles and eras of shoes that finish my lingerie outfits I love too. Im talking sexy but comfortable (just like ones lingerie should be) shoes, In particular I love Emmy shoes for my more feminine and pretty outfits and lucky for me she is just a wink away!
Shades of soft Mink Suede trimmed in decedent Rose Gold Leather don't just have to be for a Bride-To-Be and they go perfectly with my every day 'nude' lingerie from Stella McCartney in blush silk and lace, really putting a spring in my step, and equally looking gorgeous and finishing off my more boudoir outfits like the beautiful Shell Belle 'Cocktail Party' collection. Pictured below is my favourite silk blush set from Stella with Emmys Francesca shoe both displayed perfectly in the boudoir.

My final accessory is of course Perfume, something I finish every outfit off with and depending on my mood and lingerie outfit determines what will be spritzed liberally on top and on my pulse points. Personally it's the intimate and masculine smells of Vetiver, Sandalwood, Leather and Incense that I douse myself in. One of my top scents this month is quite a heady and really rather hypnotic scent from Comme des Garcons, simply named; Monocle Scent One; Hinoki. Below it is pictured with my beloved Shell Belle Vintage lace slip, A trail was being left.....

And here is a taster of my Perfume collection- do you have a favourite or know of a scent you think I would like? Care to share ?

So now you know a little more about Tallulah, my love of accessories and how alot of attention gets paid to them all, but every day it will always starts with the Lingerie.

T x